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What toddler likes getting their diaper changed?
In this hilarious rhyming book, a little boy sees his world crumble around him as his mother prepares to change his diaper. But surrounded by a little love and feeling fresh and clean, he realizes that things may not be so terrible after all… unless he ever needs his diaper changed again!
Fun for babies, toddlers, and parents alike, this humorous book brings to life a scene familiar to all parents.


"The cartoon-like illustrations from Vancouver’s Emma Pedersen drolly capture the cherubic child’s wide-eyed, histrionic view of his world...The melodramatic, rhyming text offers over-the-top comic relief while keenly bringing the stressors in an infant’s life into sharp, magnified focus" — Quill & Quire

"While Sarabeth Holden can only imagine what this little one is thinking, she ensures an authenticity with the innocence of his perspective, the mindfulness of the moment i.e., play over diaper change, and the singularity of his needs and wants. She makes him sweet and emotive while also timid and fearful, giving him a candid voice that rhymes with wonder and simple acceptance of his circumstances." —CanLit for Little Canadians