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Foreword by Marc Bekoff

Introduction: Forging an Emotional Bond with Nature

1. Aligning with Nature
Doorways to Nature • Types of Nature Alignment • Internal and External Alignment • Natural Principles • Awareness and Humility • Natural Ingredients

2. Awe and Beauty
Awe's Qualities • Beauty's Attributes • Reinstilling Awe and Beauty

3. Health and Well-Being
Healing Impacts of Nature • Nature As a Vital Supplement • Green Care • Finding Our Place in Nature

4. Mentor and Provider
Learning from Nature • Cycles and Milestones • Nature As Provider

5. Nature's Intelligence
Intelligence of Gaia • Why Nature's Intelligence Matters • Nature's Designs • Animal Intelligence • Plant Awareness • Slime and Mushrooms

6. Kinship and Creativity
Skalalitude • Biophilic Design • Creativity and Nature • Nature As Canvas • Beyond Nature As Resource

7. Compassion and Coexistence
Cultivating Coexistence • Biological Altruism • Animal Emotions • Compassionate Conservation • Rewilding Our Hearts

8. An Ecocentric Ethic
An Integral Perspective • Five Global Trends • Reciprocity Through Nature • Flourishing with Nature • A Legacy of Regenerative Coexistence • Doing What We Can

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Discover the Hidden Ways that Trees and Plants Help You Feel Better in Life

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Renewal explores the science behind why being in nature makes us feel alive and helps us thrive. Backed by cutting-edge research in cognitive science, Edwards weaves stories that reveal nature’s genius, its effect on our lives, and how cultivating an emotional bond with nature benefits us and the natural world.


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