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Singular Creatures

Anxiety about non-human intelligent machines is a longstanding theme of cultural production and consumption. Examples range from tales of golems and Frankenstein’s monster to the evil overlord scenarios ...

Behind the Glass

The Villa Tugendhat, designed by Mies van der Rohe in 1928, is an icon of architectural modernism and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Behind the Glass tells the true story of the large family connected to ...

The Material Theory of Induction

Par (auteur) John D. Norton
Catégories: Logique
Séries: BSPS Open

The burden of a theory of inductive inference is to determine which inductive inferences are good and why they are so. This book argues against the assumption that inductive inference can be accommodated ...

Dix fenêtres sur l'aventure humaine

Par (auteur) André Baril
Catégories: Métaphysique et ontologie

Né trop tôt, inachevé, sans régulation instinctuelle rigide, l’humain est un être en quête de sa propre forme. Il cherchera donc le sens de sa vie dans ses relations à la nature ou aux autres, ...

The Ethical Imagination

Science and technology force us to ask some of the most challenging and unprecedented ethical questions in the world today. These issues encompass what it means to be human, how we relate to others and ...


What is a hypocrite? What role does hypocrisy play in our lives? Why is it thought to be such an ugly vice? Is it ever acceptable? What do we lose in our indifference to it?

Hypocrisy: Ethical Investigations ...

Persons — What Philosophers Say about You

Par (auteur) Warren Bourgeois
Catégories: Philosophie de l’esprit

Can a person suffer radical change and still be the same person? Are there human beings who are not persons at all? Western philosophers, from the ancient Greeks to contemporary thinkers, gave the concept ...

A State of Minds

What happens when the world changes in ways that make Canada’s physical capital, natural resources, and geography - once the ultimate competitive advantages - less important than knowledge, information, ...