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About This Book

About The Footbridge Series

Part 1: Resistance

Beyond Being Silenced by Sara Florence Davidson

  • Connections

Poetry as Cultural Expression by Rita Bouvier

  • Connections

T’seka Reflection by Lucy Hemphill

  • Connections

Poetry by Louise Bernice Halfe

  • Connections

Part 2: Resilience

Mental Health by David A. Robertson

  • Connections

Writing as a Therapeutic Medium by Wanda John-Kehewin

  • Connections

Birch Bark Technology by KC Adams

  • Connections

Images and Health by Lisa Boivin

  • Connections

Part 3: Restoring

Stories are Resurgence by Wilson Bearhead and Charlene Bearhead

  • Connections

Why am I not on Star Trek? by Sonya Ballantyne

  • Connections

Indigenous Spaces by Reanna Merasty

  • Connections

Games as Resurgence by Elizabeth LaPensée

  • Connections

Part 4: Reconnecting

Poems by Nicola I. Campbell

  • Connections

Paths of Tradition by Russell Wallace

  • Connections

Let the Children Play by Victoria McIntosh

  • Connections

Ethnomathematics and Beading by Christina Ruddy

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A thoughtful guide to critical engagement with Indigenous texts, perspectives, and teaching methods, as well as ideas and action steps for bringing them into professional practice, in the classroom and beyond.

La description

★ Starred selection for CCBC's Best Books Ideal for Teachers 2023!

Resurgence is an inspiring collection of contemporary Indigenous poetry, art, and narratives that guides K–12 educators in bridging existing curricula with Indigenous voices and pedagogies. In this first book in the Footbridge Series, we invite you to walk with us as we seek to:

  • connect peoples and places
  • link truth and reconciliation as ongoing processes
  • symbolize the risk and urgency of this work for both Indigenous and settler educators
  • engage tensions
  • highlight the importance of balance, both of ideas and within ourselves

Through critical engagement with each contributor’s work, experienced educators Christine M’Lot and Katya Adamov Ferguson support readers in connecting with Indigenous narratives and perspectives, bringing Indigenous works into the classroom, and creating more equitable and sustainable teaching practices.

In this resource, you will find:

  • diverse Indigenous voices, perspectives, and art forms from a variety of nations and locations
  • valuable concepts and methods that can be applied to the classroom and beyond
  • practical action steps and resources for educators, parents, librarians, and administrators

Use this book as a springboard for your own learning journey or as a lively prompt for dialogue within your professional learning community.


Over the past several years, calls have come from across Canada for the inclusion of Indigenous worldviews and knowledge in all levels of education in the country. Enter...Resurgence: Engaging With Indigenous Narratives and Cultural Expressions In and Beyond the Classroom.

- Toronto Star

Among CCBC's Best Books for Kids & Teens 2023, Ideal for Teachers, starred selection of exceptional caliber


At last, the voices, perspectives and reflections you have waited for. This evocative volume is the perfect guide to critical engagement with Indigenous literature—ideal for personal learning, family discussion and classroom content. Go on your own learning journey or recommend this book to your professional learning community today. Be part of the Resurgence.

- SAY Magazine

Resurgence is the professional learning resource that all teachers should have access to, and it is monumentally important for educators to read. Highly Recommended

- CM Association