Social Policy and the Ethic of Care

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1 First-Generation Care Theorists and Liberal Assessments of Care

2 Second-Generation Care Theorists and the Moral Principles of Care

3 The Interpretation of Equality: A Study of Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

4 Therapeutic Jurisprudence: A Care-Informed Approach for Compensating Victims of Institutional Abuse

5 Economic Costing in Social Policy: The Ethics of Quantifying Intangible Losses

6 Caregiving: Reconceptualizing the Public/Private Divide Conclusion




Over the last twenty years, the feminist ethic of care has had a significant impact on the study of ethics and political philosophy. Hankivsky develops the concept of a publicly viable ethic of care, and applies it to several Canadian social policy issues.

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Social Policy and the Ethic of Care bridges the gap between theoretical and public policy analysis in revealing why Canadian social policy is lacking and how it could be made more effective and robust by the inclusion of an ethic of care. This interdisciplinary text is essential reading for scholars and students of gender or feminist studies, philosophy, political theory, and social policy.