Speaking Out on Human Rights

Debating Canada's Human Rights System

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Canadians like to see themselves as champions of human rights in the international community. Closer to home, however, the human rights system in Canada - particularly its public institutions such as commissions and tribunals - has been the object of sustained debate and vehement criticism, based largely on widespread myths about how it works. In Speaking Out on Human Rights, Pearl Eliadis explodes these myths, analysing the pervasive distortions and errors on which they depend. Canada's human rights system, a unique legal tradition operating within a powerful modern constitution, is a fundamental mechanism for ensuring the practical application of our national commitment to tolerance and inclusion.


“Eliadis provides a reasoned, consistent and coherent explanation of the history, rationale and current functioning of the system. She provides clear explanations and definitions for terms, concepts and principles that are regularly misused, conflated or

“Pearl Eliadis’ book is the leading reference text on human rights law in Canada. It is comprehensive in its review of the law and, at the same time, it is an engaging narrative that explores the most divisive human rights issues in the country, It is an

"Readable and straightforward in its form and delivery, Speaking Out on Human Rights consistently presents a balanced discussion of the functioning and effectiveness of Canada's contemporary human rights systems. The book is broad in its overview and impr

“A truly impressive work. There is simply nothing that compares in providing this kind of overview of human rights legislation in Canada. ” Paul Champ, Champ and Associates

"To my knowledge, this is the only book of its kind to be published in Canada and provides essential information for balanced and informed discussions of human rights commissions and tribunals in our country. " Sarah Lugtig, Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba