That's Very Canadian!

An Exceptionally Interesting Report About All Things Canadian

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From maple syrup to the Mounties, That’s Very Canadian! is a witty, informative, and entertaining look at the nation — and a celebration of what makes Canadians so Canadian! Written from the perspective of a young girl named Rachel, who has been given an assignment about Canada by her teacher, this book is fun, captivating and informative. Part of the Wow Canada! collection, That’s Very Canadian! explores the symbols and icons — both official and unofficial — of this unique country and its culture. Topics include what makes someone a Canadian, the story behind how the country came to have its name, just how Canada came to have the "noble" beaver as a national symbol, and more! A valuable resource for students needing straightforward information on Canada’s national, provincial, and territorial symbols, this exploration is also an entertaining way to educate young readers about the heritage and national identity of Canada.


Full of facts, the book is a learning experience – and a lot of fun!

- Our Choice

No wonder this book is part of the “Wow Canada!” series. Bravo, Vivien Bowers! Highly Recommended.

- CM Magazine: Canadian Review of Materials

Lavishly illustrated with color photos and drawings, this latest addition to the series is excellent for projects or casual reading.

- Canadian Children’s Book News

Vivien Bowers and Dianne Eastman have got the put-a-little-fun-into-it thing down to a fine art.

- The Vancouver Sun

This book could have been just another boring history or geography book, but Vivien Bowers made it an enjoyable learning experience.

- Kaboose Network

As in her other Wow Canada! books, Vivien Bowers shares her humor and her love of country with her readers. The comments made by Rachel’s companions, the labels, the many little details add consistent appeal for all readers. The fact that she has it resemble a child’s scrapbook…makes it very engaging to its audience.

- Brandon Sun

By exploring Canadian symbols and icons, Bowers, entertains and delights even as she educates us about ourselves. Lots of fun and hours of browsing for Canadians of any age!

- Island Parent

The Canadian trivia oozes like maple syrup on hot flapjacks. Guaranteed to make you stand a little taller in your toque. ***** (of 5).

- New Brunswick Telegraph Journal

Humorous and fascinating facts about Canada…

- Travel for Kids