The Chinese in Vancouver, 1945-80

The Pursuit of Identity and Power

Table des matières

1 Introduction

2 Early Settlement and the Contours of Identity

3 Renewed Immigration and Cultural Redefinition

4 Local-Born Chinese and the Challenge to an Immigrant Discourse

5 Old-Timers, Public Rituals, and the Resilience of Traditional Organizations

6 Negotiating Identities between Two Worlds, 1945-70

7 Constructing Chineseness in the Multicultural Arena

8 Beyond a Conclusion





La description

In The Chinese in Vancouver, Wing Chung Ng captures the
fascinating story of the city’s Chinese in their search for
identity. He juxtaposes the cultural positions of different generations
of Chinese immigrants and their Canadian-born descendants and unveils
the ongoing struggle over the definition of being Chinese. It is an
engrossing story about cultural identity in the context of migration
and settlement, where the influence of the native land and the appeal
of the host city continued to impinge on the consciousness of the
ethnic Chinese.


  • Short-listed, Vancouver Book Award, City of Vancouver 2000


Theoretically informed, concise, and solidly documented, Ng’s work is not just about the turbulent and fascinating history of Vancouver’s Chinese community. It also shows just how much the Chinese had to say and to debate among themselves about who and what defined them and their community as Chinese.

- Gary Watson

Ng’s analysis allows for a poignant human dimension to frame the inevitable passing of the old-timers’ generation, and also explains why these organizations continues to exist . .. This book is a welcome addition to studies of the Chinese in Vancouver, as this community continues to thrive on Canada’s west coast.

- Paul Yee

... this detailed account includes considerable information on acculturation, socio-economic status, community activities both social and business, and problems associated with race... Writing is clear, organization coherent, details richly documented and gently tied to prior history of mainland China so the book has special value to historians.

- Psychological Reports