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Crisis and Contagion

Crisis and Contagion

is a selection of fourteen interviews conducted by Ian McKay of the Wilson Institute at McMaster University. Interviews with Nancy Fraser, Mike Davis, Mack Penner, Andreas Malm, and ...

Letters with Smokie

Leave it to a dog to put the “human” back in “humanities”

In September 2020, Rod Michalko wrote to friend and colleague Dan Goodley, congratulating him on the release of his latest book, Disability ...

Amis des hommes ?

Par (auteur) Louis-André Richard
Catégories: Traitement des animaux

Léonard de Vinci prédisait qu’un jour, les hommes regarderaient le meurtre des animaux comme ils regardent le meurtre des humains. Ce progrès de civilisation conduit à repenser la relation et la ...

J'accuse les tortionnaires d'Omar Khadr

Radicalisé depuis l’âge de quatre ans par son père, acteur principal d’Al-Qaïda et proche de ben Laden, Omar Khadr se retrouve au centre d’un conflit où les fondements mêmes de la justice, ...

Gifts from Amin

In August 1972, military leader and despot Idi Amin expelled Asian Ugandans from the country, professing to return control of the economy to “Ugandan citizens.” Within ninety days, 50,000 Ugandans ...

Defining Sexual Misconduct

This book examines the contemporary dynamics of public accusations and their relationship to more formal criminal justice processes, as well as the implications of this shifting landscape for the stigmatization ...

Disarm, Defund, Dismantle

Canadian laws are just, the police uphold the rule of law and treat everyone equally, and without the police, communities would descend into chaos and disorder. These entrenched myths, rooted in settler-colonial ...

What the Oceans Remember

Par (auteur) Sonja Boon
Catégories: Biographies (ouvrages généraux)
Séries: Life Writing

Sonja Boon’s heritage is complicated. Although she has lived in Canada for more than 30 years, she was born in the UK to a Surinamese mother and a Dutch father. An invitation to join a family tree project ...

Black and White

Par (auteur) Stephen Dorsey
Catégories: Recherche sur l’ethnicité

The anticipated debut by a biracial community leader and citizen activist, exploring his lived experience of systemic racism in North America and the paths forward.
My race duality has given me a unique ...