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In a near future dominated by institutions, technology, and government control, children are raised in state homes and have no concept of family, with the exception of Terran and his younger sister, Brooke. Together with their friends, Taylor and Simon, they often steal from the local market to subsidize their diet.

Running from the authorities after a raid goes wrong and looking for a place to hide, Terran is drawn to a vibrant green glow behind a crumbling city wall. It?s an archway with a small opening that has fallen away, like a window into a different world—the world of the Beigfur. The Beigfur once shared the earth with humans, but now exist in a parallel universe where they have learned to live in harmony with nature.

Centuries before, the Beigfur used the last of their technology to place a glamour between the worlds to protect themselves from the destructive ways of Man. Climbing through the archway, Terran, Brooke, Taylor, and Simon inadvertently tumble into The Meadowlands, where an unexpected, life-changing adventure begins.

Speaking to the confusion of the modern era, The Meadowlands explores society?s impact on nature and the environment, the importance of family, and the challenges of coming of age in a world of technology and isolation.


"Kelly's writing style is poetic and lyrical. Her images of nature are redolent with richness and texture. She explores juxtaposed themes of prejudice and empathy, of conflict and resolution, and of urban decay and rural environmentalism. The Meadowlands is an enchanting story reminiscent of Lewis's The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. I highly recommend it."
—Collett Tracey, PhD, Professor of Canadian Literature, Carleton University

"Kate Kelly has drawn mysterious characters, whom we care about, in magical settings. We keep wondering what will happen in the next chapter. We don?t want her story to end. What an imagination! What empathy for nature and for those who did not grow up within it. Well done, Author Kate, with this masterpiece of conjuring story."
—Dr. Anne Winters, recipient of two Canada Council Doctoral Fellowship Awards and author of four books, including FLASH! The Science Behind Intuition (Post Hypnotic Press, 2018)

"In The Meadowlands, Kate Kelly's latest novel, we travel along with her young characters to a parallel world radically different from the Orwellian one that is all they have ever known. Although outwardly more simple and not devoid of judgment and prejudice, in other respects it?s a more open, evolved, and wonderous world. Mythical beasts and mystical mind rituals provide for an epic adventure that is equal parts challenging, thrilling, and ultimately rewarding and hopeful."
—Robert Campbell, DDS, IMD, DHS