How Everyday Things Are Made

Par (auteur) Bill Slavin
Illustré par Bill Slavin
Catégories: Children's Nonfiction
Éditeur: Kids Can Press
Hardcover : 9781553371793, 160 pages, Septembre 2005

La description

CDs start out as sand. Blackboard chalk comes from tiny sea creatures. The objects all around us -- every single product in the world -- is made from elements found in nature. Discover how nature is transformed into more than 60 things we eat, drink, play with, wear or use every day. Technology changes constantly, but the stages raw materials go through to become finished objects remain much the same. On every page of this big book, these processes are described and illustrated step by step. The text and artwork combine playfulness with encyclopedic attention to detail. This unique and fascinating book will inform and entertain every step of the way. Includes a glossary, index and further resources to help children, parents and teachers.


Transformed provides illuminating answers to the questions that children ask and that adults forget they've wondered.

- ForeWord

A jaunty and enthusiastic foray into how stuff is made.

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[F]ascinating picture of modern manufacturing

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[L]ively presentation.

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