Stanley's Party

Par (auteur) Linda Bailey
Illustré par Bill Slavin
Catégories: Humour (Jeunesse), Fiction pour la jeunesse, Jeunesse et scolaire
Éditeur: Kids Can Press
Hardcover : 9781553373827, 32 pages, Février 2003

La description

Stanley’s people go out a lot. Stanley is a good dog, but one night, while they’re away, the temptation becomes too great and he sneaks up onto the couch. What a wonderful experience! Soon he’s also blasting the music, dancing around the living room and raiding the fridge. Stanley’s never had so much fun! But after a couple of weeks something is missing, and Stanley realizes that partying alone has lost its thrill.


Slavin's polished paintings of Stanley's antics and Bailey's confident, breezy story add up to a triumphant cautionary tale that will leave both adults and kid laughing.

- Kirkus Reviews

This is first-class entertainment all the way, with a last line - “If you don't believe me, ask your dog” - that's cheekiness itself.

- Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

This humorous story makes an ideal read-aloud. Dog lovers and party animals alike will howl with delight.

- School Library Journal

This is a funny, delightful book . .. even if you're not a fan of real dogs, this book is a riot.

- Quill & Quire Starred Review