Table des matières

Introduction to the 1999 Edition by Sarah Carter
Part 1: Being the Story of Theresa Gowanlock
1. We Leave Ontario
2. Incidents at Battleford
3. On to Our Home
4. At Home
5. Wood and Plain Indians
6. The Massacre
7. With the Indians
8. Protected by Half-Breeds
9. They Take Fort Pitt
10. Cooking for a Large Family
11. Incidents by the Way
12. Dancing Parties
13. Another Battle
14. Indian Boys
15. Hope Almost Deferred
16. Out of Big Bear's Camp
17. Rescued
18. We Leave for Home
19. At Home
"To One of the Absent"
Shot Down
Mr. Gowanlock
Mr. Gilchrist
Rev. Adelard Fafard
Mr. Dill
Part 2: Being the Story of Theresa Delaney
1. My Youth and Early Life
2. My Marriage Life
3. The North-West Troubles
"The Saskatchewan Stream"

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