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(M)othering is a universally understood phenomenon that speaks to the act of becoming something unexpected and entirely outside ourselves. And this book is a collection of writing and art about that. ...


Resurgence is an inspiring collection of contemporary Indigenous poetry, art, and narratives that guides teachers in bridging existing K–12 curricula with Indigenous voices and pedagogies. In this first ...

The City That Is Leaving Forever

Par (auteur) Rahat Kurd & Sumayya Syed
Catégories: Anthologies

The City That Is Leaving Forever is a unique twenty-first-century time capsule: an instant-message exchange between Kashmir and British Columbia spanning more than five years in the lives of two Muslim ...


Édité par E. D. Morin & Jane Cawthorne
Catégories: Anthologies

Twenty-one women writers consider the impacts of concussion on their personal and professional lives. Their stories reveal the work that goes into redefining identity and regaining creative practice after ...

Seasons Between Us

What is a life well-lived? How should life be lived? What kind of stories will you leave behind? Travel with 23 speculative fiction authors through the different seasons of life to capture the memories, ...

You Look Good for Your Age

Édité par Rona Altrows
Catégories: Anthologies
Séries: Robert Kroetsch Series

This is a book about women and ageism. There are twenty-nine contributing writers, ranging in age from their forties to their nineties. Through essays, short stories, and poetry, they share their distinct ...

Uumajursiutik unaatuinnamut / Hunter with Harpoon / Chasseur au harpon

In collaboration with Markoosie Patsauq, Valerie Henitiuk and Marc-Antoine Mahieu have foregrounded the original Inuktitut text of this literary classic to inform their translations into both English ...

Changing the Face of Canadian Literature

Édité par Dane Swan
Catégories: Anthologies
Séries: Essential Anthologies Series

Needless to say, moments like now, the hurdles to becoming a respected author are at their lowest. The only hurdles to being published are the quality of your writing and your patience to deal with certain ...


Édité par Juliana Pivato
Catégories: Anthologies
Séries: Essential Writers Series

How do you write about an artist who refused to be contained? Roy Kenzie Kiyooka was a Canadian artist and writer who gifted an extensive body of work that unfolded in nearly every dimension of media. ...

Alice Munro Everlasting

Édité par J.R. (Tim) Struthers
Catégories: Anthologies
Séries: Essential Writers Series

This volume begins with a major new essay by renowned short story critic and theorist Charles E. May, followed by a major new essay by one of Munro’s most long-standing and most perceptive readers, ...