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Business the NHL Way

The National Hockey League is at its apex in terms of its business success. Even a global pandemic could not slow it down. The league generates more than $5 billion annually, its revenues and media deals ...


By (author) Rob Handfield, Phd & Tom Linton
Categories: Business strategy

Handfield and Linton use the physical concept of flow as a metaphor for the current revolution in supply chain management: the integration of supply chains and the geographic relocation of global supply ...

Stay Woke, Not Broke

Navigate polarizing landscapes and "cancel culture" traps.

Businesses wanting to stay relevant and do the right thing are asking questions such as “What is ‘woke’ and how can a business be it?,” ...

Change for Good

Based on the author’s 35 years at the forefront of business and social change, Change for Good explores businesses’ new bottom line: helping to solve social problems. Featuring personal experiences ...

Sexe et flirts au bureau

By (author) Alain Samson
Categories: Labour / income economics
Series: S.O.S. boulot

Le travail est ennuyeux. Le sexe est agréable. Si j'intègre le sexe à mon travail, ce dernier deviendra plus intéressant. Si vous trouvez que le raisonnement ci-dessus a du sens, attendez avant de ...

Devrais-je démissionner?

By (author) Alain Samson
Categories: Labour / income economics
Series: S.O.S. boulot

Vous en avez ras le bol? L'idée de démissionner vous trotte dans la tête? Brûlez-vous d'envie de dire votre façon de penser à votre patron? Avant de partir en coup de vent, donnez une dernière ...

Un collègue veut votre peau?

By (author) Alain Samson
Categories: Labour / income economics
Series: S.O.S. boulot

Avez-vous affaire à un collègue, un employé ou un patron qui vous vous veut du mal? Ce livre de la collection S.O.S. BOULOT vous permettra de découvrir le jeu de ce harceleur et de le mettre en échec. ...

Civilizing the State

By (author) John Restakis
Categories: Political economy

The liberal state is dead, long live the partner state

Across the world, the liberal nation state is on its knees. Rising inequality, deep political polarization, and the pervasive power of corporations ...

Rethinking the Politics of Labour in Canada, 2nd ed.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to re-establish the labour movement’s political capacity to exert collective power in ways that foster greater opportunity and equality for working-class ...

Once a Bitcoin Miner

By (author) Ethan Lou
Categories: Currency / Foreign exchange

Part autobiography and part investigation, the book describes the wackiness, the fraudulence, and the cycle of Bitcoin boom and bust and boom. We begin with scandal and conflict in Canada’s cryptocurrency ...