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The Seed Farmer

Par (auteur) Daniel Brisebois
Catégories: Agriculture durable

Save seeds, save money, and increase profit from your small-scale farm or market garden

The Seed Farmer is required reading for any grower who cares about being part of a truly sustainable local food system. ...

Higher Expectations

Par (auteur) Roberta Hawkins & Leslie Kern
Catégories: Féminisme

Higher Expectations is a practical guide to navigating academia for people who want to improve their own day-to-day work lives and create better conditions for everyone. Universities are broken: they’re ...


A personal investigation into the real price of our holidays.

Travel was once a marker of sophistication. Now the tourist is just as likely to be viewed as one locust in an annihilating swarm. Tourists ...

Law at Work

Par (auteur) Harry Glasbeek
Catégories: Arbitrage et négociation

In a series of illuminating essays, the renowned Harry Glasbeek unpacks how law has been used to ensure that workers' aspirations are kept in check. Law at Work uncovers how the legal system, through its ...

Work Less

Par (auteur) Jon Peirce
Catégories: Gestion des ressources humaines

“Peirce tells the intriguing story of the battle for shorter hours … and why now is finally the moment for a breakthrough that would give us all more of the precious gift of time.” — LINDA McQUAIG, ...

On Writing and Failure

Par (auteur) Stephen Marche
Catégories: Biographies (ouvrages généraux)
Séries: Field Notes

Writing is, and always will be, an act defined by failure. The best plan is to just get used to it.

Failure is a topic discussed in every creative writing department in the world, but this is the book ...

Born with a Copper Spoon

Over the past two centuries, industrial societies hungry for copper – essential for light, power, and communication – have demanded ever-increasing quantities of the metal. Born with a Copper Spoon ...

For a Better World

Canada’s largest and most famous example of class conflict, the Winnipeg General Strike, redefined local, national, and international conversations around class, politics, region, ethnicity, and gender. ...

Our Voice of Fire

Winner, 2024 Writers' Union of Canada Freedom to Read Award
Winner, 2023 Wilfrid Eggleston Award for Nonfiction
Finalist, 2023 Rakuten Kobo Emerging Writer Prize

A wildfire of a debut memoir by internationally ...


What is land? A resource to be exploited? A commodity to be traded? A home to cherish? In Guatemala, a country still reeling from thirty-six years of US-backed state repression and genocides, dominant ...