Enjeux environnementaux (Jeunesse)

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The Weedflower

Par (auteur) Elizabeth Davaze
Illustré par Marianne Ferrer
Catégories: Romans sur la nature (Jeunesse)

A modern schoolyard fable about nature’s magical ability to encourage imagination, play, and joy—and a dandelion’s ability to always grow back

One day on the gray school playground, Sam notices something ...

Have You Seen an Elephant?

Par (auteur) Elina Ellis
Illustré par Elina Ellis
Catégories: Enjeux environnementaux (Jeunesse)
Séries: Alex's Field Guides

A girl's hilariously unsuccessful search for elephants serves as a clever allegory for the disappearance of these iconic animals. The first book in a series focused on endangered animals.

Meet Alex. She's ...

Walking Trees

Lily wants a tree for her birthday. Although she and her father live in a tiny dark apartment, she promises to give it water and sun and air. But after she receives her tree—whom she names George—even ...

When the Ocean Came to Town

Par (auteur) Sal Sawler
Illustré par Emma FitzGerald
Catégories: Romans sur la nature (Jeunesse)

A love letter to the ocean, and to adapting to climate change, the newest picture book by award-winning creators Sal Sawler and Emma FitzGerald will inspire young readers to build better solutions, and ...


An honest and stirring novel about the choices made by young environmental activists, and the balancing act between consequence and triumph

Malia has had a privileged upbringing in Indonesia, but since ...

City Day

After all the campers and hikers return to the city at the end of summer, a group of animals from the forest—Raccoon, Moose, Bear, Otter and friends—decide to pay them a visit. The animals have a ...

La planète dont tu es le super z'héros écolo

Par (auteur) Florence-Léa Siry
Illustré par Sans Cravate
Catégories: Enjeux environnementaux (Jeunesse)

This book was especially written to make children want to become responsible super-zero-heroes. Florence-Léa Siry encourages them to discover all of the small actions that have a significant impact on ...

Les forêts

MÖBIUS, a non-fiction series like no other, presents historical facts, wacky information and simple solutions to help the environment. Funny sketches and hyper-realistic illustrations share the pages ...

Join the No-Plastic Challenge!

Par (auteur) Scot Ritchie
Illustré par Scot Ritchie
Catégories: Enjeux environnementaux (Jeunesse)
Séries: Exploring Our Community

Learn about the problem of single-use plastic—and what to do about it. On his birthday, Nick challenges his friends to spend the day without using any single-use plastic. This means they bring their ...

Trash Revolution

Par (auteur) Erica Fyvie
Illustré par Bill Slavin
Catégories: Enjeux environnementaux (Jeunesse)

Where did all our “stuff” come from? And where does it go when we’re done with it? Kids find out by tracking the life cycles of typical items in a school backpack—water, food, clothing, paper, ...