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Has Populism Won?

In the shadow of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, two experts show us how and why global populism has taken root and what it will take to turn the tide

From Trumpian America to Putin’s nationalist Russia, ...

Gentrification Is Inevitable and Other Lies

By (author) Leslie Kern
Categories: Social classes

From the author of the best-selling Feminist City, this urbanite’s guide to gentrification knocks down the myths and exposes the forces behind the most urgent housing crisis of our time.

Gentrification ...

Gifts from Amin

In August 1972, military leader and despot Idi Amin expelled Asian Ugandans from the country, professing to return control of the economy to “Ugandan citizens.” Within ninety days, 50,000 Ugandans ...

La fabrique des États de facto

Comment expliquer la survie des États de facto, ces régions séparatistes qui échappent au contrôle des capitales et qui proclament leur indépendance sans pour autant obtenir la reconnaissance internationale ...

La médiocratie

« Rangez ces ouvrages compliqués, les livres comptables feront l'affaire. Ne soyez ni fier, ni spirituel, ni même à l'aise, vous risqueriez de paraître arrogant. Atténuez vos passions, elles font ...

Still Hopeful

By (author) Maude Barlow
Categories: Civics and citizenship

From her days in second-wave feminist activism to her battle against the precursor to NAFTA to her indefatigable fight for social justice and water rights for all, Maude shares her stories and her expertise ...

Spin Doctors

As Canada was in the grips of the worst pandemic in a century, Canadian media struggled to tell the story. Newsrooms, already run on threadbare budgets, struggled to make broader connections that could ...

Fight to Win

By (author) A.J.  Withers
Categories: Social work

AJ Withers draws on their own experiences as an organizer, extensive interviews with the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) activists and Toronto bureaucrats, and freedom of information requests ...