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Has Populism Won?

In the shadow of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, two experts show us how and why global populism has taken root and what it will take to turn the tide

From Trumpian America to Putin’s nationalist Russia, ...

Women Winning Office

Par (auteur) Peggy Nash
Catégories: Élections et référendums

When Peggy Nash first decided to run for elected office, she had no idea where to start, who to contact, or what the rules were. For those who are underrepresented in political life, politics can seem ...

Spin Doctors

Par (auteur) Nora Loreto
Catégories: Structure politique

As Canada was in the grips of the worst pandemic in a century, Canadian media struggled to tell the story. Newsrooms, already run on threadbare budgets, struggled to make broader connections that could ...


Flora Isabel MacDonald – politician, humanitarian, adventurer, and role model for a generation of women – was known across Canada and beyond simply as Flora. In her memoir, co-authored by award-winning ...

Technologies of the New Real

With astonishing speed and little public debate, we now live in a reality where interactions with drones, robotic bodies, and surveillance are common. Synthetic biology is merging with artificial intelligence ...

La fabrique des États de facto

Par (auteur) Magdalena Dembinska
Catégories: Structure politique
Séries: Politique mondiale

Comment expliquer la survie des États de facto, ces régions séparatistes qui échappent au contrôle des capitales et qui proclament leur indépendance sans pour autant obtenir la reconnaissance internationale ...

Almost Feral

On July 2, 2015, influential social activist Gemma Hickey began a 908-kilometre walk across Newfoundland to raise awareness and funds for survivors of religious institutional abuse. Almost Feral celebrates ...

Lieutenant Governors of British Columbia, The

Par (auteur) Jenny Clayton
Avant-propos de Janet Austin
Catégories: Histoires des Amériques

Chronologically arranged and rich with photographs, this work by historian Jenny Clayton paints a vivid picture of the lives of BC’s first 29 Lieutenant Governors, offering a unique perspective on the ...

Orange Chinook

The first scholarly analysis of the unprecedented New Democratic Party victory in the 2015 Alberta Provincial Elections, Orange Chinook brings together Alberta’s top political watchers to explore the ...