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Has Populism Won?

Has populism won? Two experts show us how and why this disturbing global political trend has taken root and what it will take to turn the tide

From Trump’s America to Putin’s Russia, and from Poland ...

La fabrique des États de facto

Par (auteur) Magdalena Dembinska
Catégories: Structure politique
Séries: Politique mondiale

Comment expliquer la survie des États de facto, ces régions séparatistes qui échappent au contrôle des capitales et qui proclament leur indépendance sans pour autant obtenir la reconnaissance internationale ...

La médiocratie

Par (auteur) Alain Deneault
Catégories: Structure politique
Séries: Lettres libres

« Rangez ces ouvrages compliqués, les livres comptables feront l'affaire. Ne soyez ni fier, ni spirituel, ni même à l'aise, vous risqueriez de paraître arrogant. Atténuez vos passions, elles font ...

Spin Doctors

Par (auteur) Nora Loreto
Catégories: Structure politique

As Canada was in the grips of the worst pandemic in a century, Canadian media struggled to tell the story. Newsrooms, already run on threadbare budgets, struggled to make broader connections that could ...


Flora Isabel MacDonald – politician, humanitarian, adventurer, and role model for a generation of women – was known across Canada and beyond simply as Flora. In her memoir, co-authored by award-winning ...

Technologies of the New Real

With astonishing speed and little public debate, we now live in a reality where interactions with drones, robotic bodies, and surveillance are common. Synthetic biology is merging with artificial intelligence ...

The Fire and the Ashes

Par (auteur) Andrew Jackson
Catégories: Politique et gouvernement

In The Fire and the Ashes, long-time union economist and policy analyst Andrew Jackson looks back on a fascinating career in the labour movement, the NDP, and left politics, combining keen historical ...

Trudeau Formula

After a decade of Stephen Harper, the arrival of Justin Trudeau felt like a relief. But as Canadians reckon with the gulf between the dazzling promise of Trudeau’s election and the grim reality of his ...