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Un meilleur système électoral pour le Canada

Jean-Pierre Derriennic enseigne la science politique à l’Université Laval. Il est l’auteur de Démocratie et nationalisme et de Essai sur les injustices.

Le Parti libéral du Canada a pris l’engagement ...

Les élections au Québec

Un regard à la fois généreux et critique sur les 41 campagnes électorales qui ont eu lieu au Québec depuis 1867.

Women Winning Office

Par (auteur) Peggy Nash
Catégories: Élections et référendums

When Peggy Nash first decided to run for elected office, she had no idea where to start, who to contact, or what the rules were. For those who are underrepresented in political life, politics can seem ...


Whipped examines the hidden ways that political parties exert control over elected members of Canadian legislatures. Drawing on extensive interviews with politicians and staffers across the country, award-winning ...

Orange Chinook

The first scholarly analysis of the unprecedented New Democratic Party victory in the 2015 Alberta Provincial Elections, Orange Chinook brings together Alberta’s top political watchers to explore the ...

Shopping for Votes

Par (auteur) Susan Delacourt
Catégories: Élections et référendums

Susan Delacourt is a senior political writer with the Toronto Star, formerly of the Globe and Mail, who has been covering Canada’s capital since the 1980s. She has written three books -- United We Fall ...

How Canadians Communicate IV

Over the past thirty years, the fundamental character of political discourse has been transformed. As the influence of on-the-spot TV coverage and opinion programs grew, print media—newspapers especially—began ...

Citizens Adrift

Par (auteur) Paul Howe
Catégories: Élections et référendums

Many political observers, struck by low turnout rates among young voters, are pessimistic about the future of democracy in Canada and other Western nations. Citizens in general are disengaged from politics, ...

Television Advertising in Canadian Elections

Can the strategy of negative political advertising developed in the United States succeed in Canada, or does this kind of advertising do more harm than good? The year 1988 saw elections in both the United ...