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Laughing Back at Empire

Asian Canadian activism, resistance, and art of the 1970s and 80s

Laughing Back at Empire is a ground-breaking examination of The Asianadian, one of Canada’s first anti-racist, anti- sexist, and ...

From Big Bang to Big Data

Does media history really start with a bang? More than just newspapers, television, and social networks, media are the means by which any information is communicated, from cosmic radiation traces to medieval ...

Spin Doctors

Par (auteur) Nora Loreto
Catégories: Structure politique

As Canada was in the grips of the worst pandemic in a century, Canadian media struggled to tell the story. Newsrooms, already run on threadbare budgets, struggled to make broader connections that could ...

Technologies of the New Real

With astonishing speed and little public debate, we now live in a reality where interactions with drones, robotic bodies, and surveillance are common. Synthetic biology is merging with artificial intelligence ...

Les journalismes

Le présent ouvrage propose d’explorer, de documenter et d’illustrer une conception des journalismes, que plusieurs pourraient trouver choquante au premier regard tant elle se trouve en rupture avec ...

Won’t Get Fooled Again

Par (auteur) Erin Steuter
Illustré par Alan Spinney
Catégories: Ouvrages sérieux en bandes dessinées

“FAKE NEWS!” screams Donald Trump from his Twitter account when journalists ask tough questions about his past or present behaviour. Meanwhile, his Fox & Friends fan club makes dubious claims about ...

Gorgeous War

Par (auteur) Tim Blackmore
Catégories: Études sur les médias

Gorgeous War examines ways in which modernist design ideals influenced German and American heraldry, and argues that the two visual worlds form the foundations of contemporary corporate brand programs. ...

Recasting History

Par (auteur) Monica MacDonald
Catégories: Études sur les médias

Since 1952, CBC television has played a unique role as the primary mass media purveyor of Canadian history. Yet, until now, there have been no comprehensive accounts of Canadian history on television. ...


Par (auteur) Andrea Benoit
Catégories: Études sur les médias

The first cultural history of the iconic brand M·A·C Cosmetics, VIVA M·A·C charts the evolution of M·A·C’s revolutionary corporate philanthropy around HIV/AIDS awareness. Drawing upon exclusive ...