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On Foot to Canterbury

Par (auteur) Ken Haigh
Catégories: Routes et sentiers (Guides de voyage)
Séries: Wayfarer

Setting off on foot from Winchester, Ken Haigh hikes across southern England, retracing a traditional route that medieval pilgrims followed to the shrine of Saint Thomas Becket at Canterbury Cathedral. ...


Of the estimated 35,000 people that attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania every year, about half do not make it to the top. There are several reasons for this, but one of the primary blocks is ...

Paul Preuss: Lord of the Abyss

Par (auteur) David Smart
Catégories: Escalade et alpinisme

Although Paul Preuss died at only 27 years old, modern climbing may never have developed the ethical core that it has today if not for his bold style. Even the most trenchant traditionalists remain unsure ...

Hikes of Eastern Newfoundland

Par (auteur) Mary Smyth & Fred Hollingshurst
Catégories: Marche et randonnée

Hikes of Eastern Newfoundland is a must-have guide to the must-do walks and hikes of eastern Newfoundland. Suitable for hikers of all levels, this book offers an overview of 86 trails, including each ...


Par (auteur) Mors Kochanski
Catégories: Activités de plein air

Clear instructions, extensive use of diagrams, and a full color photo supplement detail all the practical skills and knowledge essential for surviving and enjoying the wilderness. Includes basic instructions ...

Climber's Paradise

The Alpine Club of Canada imagined the Rockies and neighbouring ranges to the west and the north as a "climber's paradise. " Through a century of adventure and advocacy, the ACC led the way to mountain ...

Gens du voyage

Par (auteur) Lina Savignac
Photographies de Raymond Gallant
Catégories: Camping

Qui ne rêve pas de tout vendre et de partir en voyage ? Combien réinventent leur vie afin de rendre possible cette douce folie ? Ce livre offre le récit d’un couple de jeunes retraités qui a osé ...

This Wild Spirit

In 1912, Mary Vaux, a botanist, glaciologist, painter, and photographer, wrote about her mountain adventures:

“A day on the trail, or a scramble over the glacier, or even with a quiet day in camp to ...

Cartes, boussoles et GPS

Par (auteur) Jean-Marc Lord & André Pelletier
Catégories: Orientation

My compass showed me the way to follow passion, the path to follow to success, to the end of the world.

This book offers a wealth of practical knowledge of modern orientation practices: maps, the efficient ...

Le guide de vie et survie en forêt

Three essential objects that may save your life in the wilderness: a knife, a whistle, and matches or a lighter.

This book provides a realistic approach to survival in the woods based on prevention and ...