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Podcast Studies

Édité par Dario Llinares & Lori Beckstead
Catégories: Éducation

Podcast Studies: Practice into Theory critically examines the emergent field of podcasting in academia, revealing its significant impact on scholarly communication and approaches to research and knowledge ...

Erasing Frankenstein

Édité par Elizabeth Effinger
Catégories: Création littéraire
Séries: Life Writing

Erasing Frankenstein showcases a creative exchange between federally incarcerated women and members of the prison-education think tank Walls to Bridges Collective at the Grand Valley Institution for Women ...

Higher Expectations

Par (auteur) Roberta Hawkins & Leslie Kern
Catégories: Féminisme

Higher Expectations is a practical guide to navigating academia for people who want to improve their own day-to-day work lives and create better conditions for everyone. Universities are broken: they’re ...

Powerful Thinking

Par (auteur) Adrienne Gear
Catégories: Formation des enseignants

An inspiring book to help teachers shift their beliefs and “stretch” their thinking around reading comprehension, literacy instruction, and content-area learning. Using the key concepts and strategies ...

Hope Circuits

Par (auteur) Jessica Riddell
Catégories: Stratégies éducatives

How do we model abundance and generosity – in teaching, in learning, in leading organizations, particularly non-profits – when dealing with fiscal austerity and other forms of scarcity thinking? Hope ...

Messing Around with Math

Par (auteur) David Costello
Catégories: Formation des enseignants

This book is filled with a range of problems that support student understanding of key math concepts. From word problems to open-ended rich tasks to real-world math problems, you will have a toolbox that ...

Fail-Safe Strategies for Science & Literacy

Effective teaching can be found where science and literacy overlap. This book helps teachers streamline busy schedules by focusing on cognitive skills shared by science and language arts. Designed to ...

The Compassionate Imagination

A radical reimagining of the role of art and culture in contemporary democracy, The Compassionate Imagination proposes a new Canadian Cultural Contract that re-humanizes our way of living together by tapping ...

Stop the Hate for Goodness Sake

Stop the Hate for Goodness Sake shows teachers how to confront racism and disrupt discrimination in order to deepen students’ understanding of social justice, diversity, and equity. Background information, ...

Building Inclusive Communities in Rural Canada

This collection challenges misconceptions that rural Canada is a bastion of intolerance. While examining the extent and nature of contemporary cultural and religious discrimination in rural Canadian communities, ...