Groupe Homme is a French-Canadian publishing group that currently produces an average of 150 titles per year, making it Quebec’s largest book publisher. Today, this Montreal-based company generates a third of its sales in France and is a major player for self-help books in the French market. The company has also sold foreign rights to over 600 titles so far.

Specialized in nonfiction, our list includes psychology and self-help, health, relationships and parenting, sports, nutrition, cookbooks, how-to and reference books, biographies and autobiographies (Éditions de l’Homme, our main imprint), spiritual and esoteric books (Le Jour Éditeur), mind, body and spirit and holistic health books (Éditions Québec-Livres), practical books (La Semaine) and illustrated nonfiction and fiction for children (Petit Homme). Our La Griffe imprint is home to pet books.

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