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The Order of Canada

Par (auteur) Christopher McCreery
Catégories: History
Séries: Heritage

In 1966, a project to create a national honour for Canadians was begun. The first recipients of the Order of Canada were announced a year later, and in the nearly forty years since, the Order has become ...

The Workers' Festival

Par (auteur) Craig Heron & Steve Penfold
Catégories: Arbitrage et négociation
Séries: Heritage

For most Canadians today, Labour Day is the last gasp of summer fun: the final long weekend before returning to the everyday routine of work or school. But over its century-long history, there was much ...

Royal Spectacle

Par (auteur) Ian Radforth
Catégories: Histoire de l’Europe
Séries: Heritage

In 1860, Queen Victoria sent her eighteen-year-old son, Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, on a goodwill mission to Canada and the United States. The young heir-apparent (later King Edward VII) had not yet ...

Breaking the Bargain

Par (auteur) Donald Savoie
Catégories: Politique et gouvernement
Séries: Heritage

Canada’s machinery of government is out of joint. In Breaking the Bargain, Donald J. Savoie reveals how the traditional deal struck between politicians and career officials that underpins the workings ...

Caring for Lesbian and Gay People

Par (auteur) Allan D. Peterkin & Cathy Risdon
Catégories: Omnipraticiens
Séries: Heritage

What should you say if your patient is struggling with her sexuality? How do you respond to your married patient when he discloses to you his same-sex sexual history? To which medical studies do you turn ...

The Girl from God's Country

Par (auteur) Kay Armatage
Catégories: Féminisme
Séries: Heritage

In The Girl from God’s Country, Kay Armatage reintroduces film studies scholars to Nell Shipman, a pioneer in both Canadian and American film, and one of proportionately numerous women from Hollywood ...

Odysseys Home

Par (auteur) George Elliott Clarke
Catégories: Études littéraires
Séries: Heritage

Odysseys Home: Mapping African-Canadian Literature is a pioneering study of African-Canadian literary creativity, laying the groundwork for future scholarly work in the field. Based on extensive excavations ...

Take One's Essential Guide to Canadian Film

Édité par Wyndham Wise
Catégories: Cinéma et films
Séries: Heritage

Take One’s Essential Guide to Canadian Film is the most exhaustive and up-to-date reference book on Canadian film and filmmakers, combining 700 reviews and biographical listings with a detailed chronology ...

Indigenous Difference and the Constitution of Canada

There is a unique constitutional relationship between Aboriginal people and the Canadian state - a relationship that does not exist between other Canadians and the state. It’s from this central premise ...

Gendering the Nation

Since Nell Shipman wrote and starred in Back to God’s Country (1919), Canadian women have been making films. The accolades given to film-makers such as Patricia Rozema (I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing, ...