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Five Stalks of Grain

Par (auteur) Adrian Lysenko
Illustré par Ivanka Theodosia Galadza
Catégories: Roman historique
Séries: ISSN

In 1932, as famine rages across Ukraine, the Soviet government calls for the harshest punishment for those who keep for themselves even five stalks of grain. When their mother is accused of hoarding and ...

The American Western in Canadian Literature

The Western, with its stoic cowboys and quickhanded gunslingers, is an instantly recognizable American genre that has achieved worldwide success. Cultures around the world have embraced but also adapted ...

The Joint Arctic Weather Stations

This is the first systematic account of the Joint Arctic Weather Stations (JAWS), a collaborative science program between Canada and the United States that created a distinctive state presence in the ...

A Kid Called Chatter

Par (auteur) Chris Kelly
Catégories: Roman religieux et spirituel
Séries: ISSN

The kid called Chatter has an affliction. Perhaps it is a gift. He attracts dying jackrabbits. Orphaned by parents whose names he never knew, he was worshiped and savaged in the institutions that raised ...

Energy in the Americas

Édité par Amelia M. Kiddle
Catégories: Microéconomie
Séries: ISSN

Energy in the Americas provides a hemispheric perspective on the historical construction of contemporary debates on the role of energy in society. Breaking down assumptions about the evolution of national ...

Disappearing in Reverse

Par (auteur) Allie McFarland
Catégories: Littérature générale
Séries: ISSN

Devin died five years ago. She got an infection, lost her arm, and died. How can Devin be in a picture posted online today?

Disappearing in Reverse is a story of grief and discovery that crosses genres ...


Par (auteur) David Bateman
Catégories: Littérature générale
Séries: ISSN

DR SAD is a cross-country, cross-campus tragicomedy of manners. Leaping between queer Toronto and small-town BC, this novel interrogates art, aging, teaching, and how we create ourselves within an ever-changing ...

Environmental Activism on the Ground

Environmental Activism on the Ground draws upon a wide range of interdisciplinary scholarship to examine small-scale, local environmental activism, paying particular attention to Indigenous experiences. ...