Table des matières

Introduction: by Mike Hudema and Shannon Phillips
Chapter 1: Radical Cheerleading
Chapter 2: Radiohead
Chapter 3: Sidewalk Chalking
Chapter 4: Soapboxing
Chapter 5: What Will You Work For?
Chapter 6: Corporate Welfare
Chapter 7: The Buddah Walk
Chapter 8: Critical Mass
Chapter 9: Reclaim the Streets
Chapter 10: Information Booth
Chapter 11: Voicing Homelessness
Chapter 12: Fishing in the Sewers
Chapter 13: Gask Mask Car-Shipping
Chapter 14: Radioactive Garbage0Picking
Chapter 15: Corporate Aid Concert
Chapter 16: Giant Cheques
Chapter 17: Watching TV?
Chapter 18: Alarm Clock Wake-Up
Chapter 19: Time for a Funeral
Chapter 20: Die-In or Sleep-In
Chapter 21: Billboard Liberation
Chapter 22: Stop Sign Reclamation
Chapter 23: Out of Order
Chapter 24: Tent-In
Chapter 25: T-Shirt-Making (Ask Me about East Timor)
Chapter 26: Mock Protests
Chapter 27: Pie-Slinging
Chapter 28: Puppet-Making
Chapter 29: Same-Sex Kissing Booth
Chapter 30: Bring Your Own Security
Chapter 31: Earboy
Chapter 32: Media Hoax
Chapter 33: Candlelight Vigil
Chapter 34: Plain-In/Guerrilla Gardening
Chapter 35: War of the Corporations Radio Play
Chapter 36: Wrestling Match
Chapter 37: The Power of Song
Chapter 38: Mural Painting by Number
Chapter 39: Garden Car
Chapter 40: Singing Trees
Chapter 41: Corporate Whore
Chapter 42: Lobbying
Chapter 43: Letter-Writing, Petitions, and Writing Ladders
Chapter 44: Create a Zine
Chapter 45: Boxes of Apathy
Chapter 46: Free Stores
Chapter 47: Corporate Crime Fighters
Chapter 48: Boycotts
Chapter 49: Edible Ballots
Chapter 50: Mock Awards
Chapter 51: Occupations
Chapter 52: Blockades
Appendix: Ten Commandments for Changing the World - Angela Bischoff and Tooker Gomberg
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Field Notes

La description

"An Action A Day Keeps Global Capitalism Away," according to Mike Hudema, describing his action guide for the 21st century. This lively, challenging, and decidedly fun book is designed for activists and concerned citizens who want to change the world. Hudema introduces readers to a variety of issues, including social action, organizing, theatrical action, civil disobedience, and using the media.

The book contains fifty-two tried and tested actions, one for every week. Each action includes a rationale--what you need to pull it off, and examples of where it could be used. From Radical Cheerleading, to Fishing in the Sewers, and Gas Mask Car Shopping, there’s something for everybody.


Hudema's work will make a nice Canadian content companion to Gene Sharp's class198 Methods of Nonviolent Action, or Abby Hoffman'sSteal this Book …An Action a Day is pleasantly full of non-linear chaotic interventions that contribute to enlivening the potential for change.

- Briarpatch

Mike Hudema'sAn Action a Day is an excellent addition to the library for anyone interested in public activism … This volume provides inspiration, practical details and, perhaps most critically, humour.

- Albertaviews