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In Building the Orange Wave, author Brad Lavigne recounts the dramatic story of how Jack Layton and his inner circle developed and executed a plan that turned the NDP into a contender for government, defying the odds and the critics every step of the way. This is the ultimate insider's account of one of the greatest political accomplishments in modern Canadian history. For the first time, Lavigne will take readers behind the scenes, letting them eavesdrop on strategy sessions, crisis-management meetings, private chats with political opponents, and internal battles.


". ..One of the best books of the season. "

- Evan Solomon

"A former NDP organizer and close confidante of the late Jack Layton reveals all the secrets of the party's success in the last election in a new insider's guide written with both "political junkies" and suburban housewives in mind. ..This is not just for political junkies. It's for people of all political stripes, regardless of who they voted for in the past, regardless of who they intend to vote for in the future. This gives them an all-access backstage pass to modern politics. It's accessible. It's not insider language. "

- Tobi Cohen

"meticulous insider account is a rebuttal to the notion that success in politics is an accident."

- Paul Wells, Maclean's

"...very readable, well-written book...Brad Lavigne was the only person who could have written it...Lavigne makes it quite dramatic. The chapter on the 113 days between the election and Layton's death is emotionally powerful..."

- The Tyee

"This is the definitive account of Layton's ascendency to Leader of the Official Opposition and the realignment in Canadian politics. Lavigne was the only one with Layton every step of the way -- from helping get him elected party leader in 2002 to serving as an honorary pallbearer at his state funeral in 2011. Lavigne recounts the dramatic story of how Layton and his inner circle developed and executed a plan that turned a struggling political party into a major contender for government, defying the odds and the critics every step of the way."

- Ottawa Life Magazine

"We are lucky to have so many great political books out this fall that complement each other very well. Building the Orange Wave is unique because it is told from a practitioner's point of view, which gives the reader a behind-the-scenes look at how modern politics is practiced."


"Lavigne is one of the smartest political operatives in Canada..."

- David Akin, Sun Media

"fascinating reading..."

- Peter Mansbridge, CBC News

"A must read for political junkies...Lavigne is one of the sharpest political tacticians in the game."

- Robert Fife, Ottawa Bureau Chief, CTV News And Host of CTV’s Question Period

"His book is chock-a-block with revelations that could only have come from an insider. For those who loved Layton, it's an emotional roller-coaster to read about his final days...political junkies of all persuasions can feast on the rest of the book. Lavigne delivers deep insights...What comes through in the book is how shrewdly Layton and the NDP positioned their opponents in the 2011 election after learning from mistakes in previous campaigns. The orange wave in Quebec was no freak of nature in 2011. It came as a result of assiduous planning over many years...a highly readable, informative, and often entertaining account of Layton's years in Parliament. The former NDP leader's audacity and cheerful nature shines throughout."

- The Georgia Straight