Front-Wave Boomers

Growing (Very) Old, Staying Connected, and Reimagining Aging

Table des matières


1 Background on the Boomers

2 Family Matters

3 Friends and Communities

4 Thinking Ahead

5 Pandemic Portraits

6 Lessons Learned

7 Doing Things Differently

8 Reimagining Aging


La description

Boomers are heading into (very) old age following a pandemic, a time of overt ageism and deficient eldercare. The front wave, now in their seventies, are on the brink of life changes that will challenge everyone – family, friends, and the health care system too. Recognizing the dire need to meet these challenges, Gillian Ranson investigates what they are doing to prepare for old age. Regardless of their situation – well off or struggling, partnered or on their own – front-wave boomers share one thing: the need for intimate, caring social ties. Many of them are making these connections with creativity and resilience. Their stories hold lessons for us all.


"Gillian Ranson’s book about aging comes as a welcome and informative guide ... Her book has lessons for us all."

- Jane Ross

Gillian Ranson interviewed over 100 fellow boomers ... Her research also encompasses a range of journalism ... grey literature such as institute and government reports, and numerous academic studies. This commendable mix of approaches and sources results in a credible, readable book.

- Ginny Ratsoy