I Am Not an ATM Machine

How Parents Can Regain Control of Their Lives while Still Loving their Children

Par (auteur) Phil Clavel
Catégories: Être parent, Famille et santé, Santé, relations et développement personnel
Éditeur: Véhicule Press
Paperback : 9781550652192, 160 pages, Septembre 2006

La description

In recent years, children of all ages have placed increased, and sometimes unrealistic, financial demands on their parents. Children are taking much longer to move out of their parents’ homes and attain financial independence. As a consequence, parents are facing tremendous pressure to pay for their offspring’s activities.

This no-nonsense book helps readers reflect on their own life situations, while at the same time offering concrete and practical suggestions for dealing with children who refuse to become financially responsible. I Am Not an ATM Machine helps parents regain control of their own lives, and look after their own needs and wants, while repairing the parent-child dynamic that has degenerated into a pattern of constant handouts.

This is a guide for parents of all ages who want to take care of themselves while taking care of their children—helping them grow into responsible, contributing members of their family and society.

Some of the topics covered:

– Why Am I in this Mess: Evolving Parental Roles, The Two-Income Family

– The Dependent Adult Child: The Squatter, The Sponge, The Dreamer

– Understanding Your Own Motives: Fear, Control, Guilt, and Love

– Taking Action: Alternative Ways to Give, Counselling, Clear Parameters

– How to Deal with Specific Demands: The Internet, Buying a Car