Who's in Charge Anyway?

How Parents Can Teach Children to Do the Right Thing

Par (auteur) Kathy Lynn
Catégories: Être parent, Famille et santé, Santé, relations et développement personnel
Éditeur: Whitecap Books
Paperback : 9781552854693, 156 pages, Mars 2011

La description

What do you do when your toddler has a tantrum every time you go to the grocery store? How do you handle a teenager who wants to stay out all night? And how do you teach kids to be polite? Experienced parent and workshop leader Kathy Lynn has written a reassuring and helpful book for every parent. Her underlying message is that parents play a key role in raising children with high self-esteem, solid character, and independence but parents could use a little guidance. Covering topics as diverse as manners, privacy, and allowances, she offers case examples, analysis, and question-and-answer sections for each topic. Since 1978 KATHY LYNN has been helping families through parenting education seminars. She has worked in television, radio, newspapers, and magazines to help parents rededicate themselves to raising their children. A regular contributor to Today’s Parent magazine, and host of Parenting Today, she has become a leading advocate for children, parents, and families.