Table des matières

  • : The Neoliberal Rollback in Historical Perspective
  • : Eroding the Pillars of the Fordist Worker: Conceptions of Working Life and Labour Law
  • : Eroding the Pillars of the Fordist Worker: Unionization Rate, Work Stop-pages and Declining Wages
  • : The Unprotected Worker and the Low-wage Sphere
  • : Neoliberalism at the Margins of the Working World
  • : Restoring the Canadian Left
  • : Selected Bibliography

La description


“Workman’s book deserves to be read as widely as possible. No other book provides such a detailed account of the contemporary state of working people in Canada. If You’re In My Way offers much thought-provoking material that deserves serious discussion on the socialist left.”

- Govind C. Rao, McMaster University

“If you’re committed to social justice, read this book. Thom Workman’s study combines thoughtful analysis with a ruthless condemnation of the real-life effects of unbridled capitalism. The case for restoring a ‘left culture’ is particularly compelling; it marks the beginning of an important and provocative conversation that is sorely needed.”

- Abigail B. Bakan, Department of Political Studies, Queen’s University

“Bravo to Thom Workman for his beautifully written, highly accessible, empirically rich and analytically profound account of the pathologies of contemporary Canadian capitalism. This is a truly exemplary class analysis, all the more so for being eminently readable and drawing deeply on popular culture. The fact that it is topped off by a stunningly clear-headed examination of the limitations of the Canadian political left and labour movement, coupled with an inspired call for the revitalization of a left culture oriented to the promotion of worker-friendly organizations and parties aiming a post-capitalist world, makes it incredibly timely. A must read and one that should be shared and discussed very widely.”

- Leo Panitch, Canada Research Chair, York University, Editor Socialist Register