Table des matières

  • : The Neoliberal Rollback in Historical Perspective
  • : Eroding the Pillars of the Fordist Worker: Conceptions of Working Life and Labour Law
  • : Eroding the Pillars of the Fordist Worker: Unionization Rate, Work Stop-pages and Declining Wages
  • : The Unprotected Worker and the Low-wage Sphere
  • : Neoliberalism at the Margins of the Working World
  • : Restoring the Canadian Left
  • : Selected Bibliography

La description


“Bravo to Thom Workman for his beautifully written, highly accessible, empirically rich and analytically profound account of the pathologies of contemporary Canadian capitalism. This is a truly exemplary class analysis, all the more so for being eminently readable and drawing deeply on popular culture. The fact that it is topped off by a stunningly clear-headed examination of the limitations of the Canadian political left and labour movement, coupled with an inspired call for the revitalization of a left culture oriented to the promotion of worker-friendly organizations and parties aiming a post-capitalist world, makes it incredibly timely. A must read and one that should be shared and discussed very widely.”

- Leo Panitch, Canada Research Chair, York University, Editor Socialist Register

“Workman’s book deserves to be read as widely as possible. No other book provides such a detailed account of the contemporary state of working people in Canada. If You’re In My Way offers much thought-provoking material that deserves serious discussion on the socialist left.”

- Govind C. Rao, McMaster University

“If you’re committed to social justice, read this book. Thom Workman’s study combines thoughtful analysis with a ruthless condemnation of the real-life effects of unbridled capitalism. The case for restoring a ‘left culture’ is particularly compelling; it marks the beginning of an important and provocative conversation that is sorely needed.”

- Abigail B. Bakan, Department of Political Studies, Queen’s University