Table des matières

Chapter 1: Introduction - Tuula Heinonen and Anna Metteri
Part A: Practice Approaches, Frameworks, and Methods
Chapter 2: Spanning Boundaries: An Enriched Ecological Perspective for Social Workers Practising in Health and Mental Health Care - Toba Schwaber Kerson, Judith L. M. McCoyd, and Joanne M. Chimchirian
Chapter 3: Social Workers' Resolution of Ethical Dilemmas in Health and Mental Health Practice - Eileen J. Ain
Chapter 4: A Developmental Approach to Social Work Practice in Mental Health: Building on Strengths - Len Spearman
Chapter 5: Problem Drug Use in the 21st Century: A Social Model of Intervention - Julian Buchanan
Chapter 6: Using Music to Facilitate Social Work Intervention - Alex Keen
Part B: Social Issues and Health Effects
Chapter 7: Food Banks: Food Insecurity in a Land of Plenty? - Bruce Bidgood, Stephen Krzyzanowski, Laura Taylor, and Shelley Smilek
Chapter 8: A Healing Response: The Role of Social Workers in Supporting Children Affected by Domestic Violence - J. Elaine Walters and Jeff Todahl
Chapter 9: Violence Against Women During Pregnancy: Issues, Risks and Intervention - Deborah Walsh and Wendy Weeks
Chapter 10: Culturally Competent Social Work Practice in Health: A Focus on Urban Aboriginal Populations - Grace Elliott, Ron Levin, Joan Lafrance, and Margot Herbert
Part C: Structural and Institutional Challenges Affecting Health and Mental Health Care
Chapter 11: Psychiatric Rehabilitation in a Remote Community - Glen Schmidt
Chapter 12: Broken Hearts, Shattered Spirits: Social Work, Domestic Violence, and Health Care - Kathleen Mackay and Stan de Mello
Chapter 13: Social Work and Conflict Resolution: The Work of a Hospital Patient Ombudsperson - Anna Metteri and Marja Nieminen
Chapter 14: Social Work Supervision in the New Millenium: Tapping the Power of the Social Work Group - Joanne Sulman, Diane Savage, Paul Vrooman, and Maureen McGillivray
Chapter 15: Managing Scarcity: Joint Decision Making in Interprofessional Meetings - Pirjo Nikander
Part D: Responses to Serious Threats to Health and Experiences of Loss
Chapter 16: The Role of Meaning Construction in Living with Grief - June Allan
Chapter 17: Transformation Intervention: Facilitating Growth After Loss and Grief Due to Cancer or Bereavement - Cecilia Lai-Wan Chan, Amy Yin-Man Chow, and Rainbow Tin-Hung Ho
Chapter 18: Use of Narratives in Psychosocial Work with Cancer Patients - Pirkko Ollikainen
Chapter 19: The Experience of Receiving a Diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis in an Adult: Drawing upon Individuals' Stories to Inform and Guide Social Work Practice - Eileen Widerman and Lois Millner
Chapter 20: Applying a Strengths Perspective with Burn Survivors: Resiliency and Adaptation to Trauma - Nancy R. Williams and Maureen Davey

La description

Social Work in Health and Mental Health: Issues, Developments, and Actions was created for final year undergraduate and master’s level students in the health and mental health fields. It is primarily a book on social work practice, discussing how one might approach a specific health or mental health related problem or issue as a social worker.

Health and mental health are conceptualized broadly in this volume. The health and well-being of body and mind are seen as integrally connected, shaped by biological, physics, psychological, material, social, and structural features and determinants. Clients are viewed as active, engaged agents, with strengths and resources from which to draw in meeting everyday challenges and major life crises.

Contributions form around the world allow the social work student to learn about current practice in places as diverse as Australia, Finland, China, South Africa, Wales, Canada, and the United States. Each chapter is accompanied by both reflection questions and a case study derived from practice and written to stimulate discussion that develops assessment and treatment planning skills.