The World Won't Wait

Why Canada Needs to Rethink its International Policies

Table des matières

Introduction – A Transforming World (Roland Paris and Taylor Owen)

Chapter 1 – Dealing with Rapid Change and Systemic Risk: A Smart Canadian Approach to Global Institutions and Partnerships (Yves Tiberghien)

Chapter 2 – Why Canada’s Global Commerce Policy Needs to Lean In (Danielle Goldfarb)

Chapter 3 – Towards an International Strategy for Liveable Cities (Jennifer Keesmaat)

Chapter 4 – Make Canada the World Leader in Mining Innovation (Andrea Mandel-Campbell)

Chapter 5 – Canadian Hydrocarbon Resources in an Era of Manufactured Energy (Andrew Leach)

Chapter 6 – Brown Meets Green: How Can Canada’s Resource-Intensive Economy Prosper in a Low Carbon World? (Stewart Elgie)

Chapter 7 – Meeting Global Demand for Institutional Innovation in Internet Governance (Mark Raymond)

Chapter 8 – Platform for Leadership:  Building a New Generation’s Role in Global Sustainable Development (John W. McArthur )

Chapter 9 – Canada’s International Security Agenda (Jonathan Paquin)

Chapter 10 – Towards a New Canadian Human Rights Diplomacy (David Petrasek)

Chapter 11 – Protecting Civilians in Conflict: A Constructive Role for Canada (Emily Paddon and Jennifer M. Welsh)

Conclusion – Imagining a More Ambitious Canada (Roland Paris and Taylor Owen)

La description

The World Won’t Wait is the clearest and most comprehensive collection of progressive thinking on Canadian international policy available today. ”Adam Chapnick, Royal Military College of Canada

The need for an ambitious and forward-looking Canadian international strategy has never been greater. The worldwide changes that jeopardize Canadian security and prosperity are profound, ranging from the globalization of commerce, crime, and political extremism to the impact of climate change on the economy and environment. In The World Won’t Wait, some of Canada’s brightest thinkers respond; their essays offer fresh and provocative responses to today’s challenges and opportunities.


‘This is a smart and concise edited work that shines light on many new (and old) ideas concerning Canadian Foreign policy… It is deserving of a read by anyone interested in Canada’s "international strategy" going forward in the twenty-first century. ’

- Rod Clare