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The Black Prairie Archives

Édité par Karina Vernon
Catégories: Anthologies

The Black Prairie Archives recovers a new regional archive of “Black prairie” literature, and includes writing that ranges from work by 19th century Black fur traders and pioneers, all of it published ...

Leo Tolstoy and the Canadian Doukhobors

Par (auteur) Andrew Donskov
Catégories: Anthologies

As an idealist, Leo Tolstoy was constantly searching for practical applications to his philosophical ideas. He found a prime example in the religious group of the Doukhobors, whom he personally helped ...

Are You Kidding Me?!

For the first time, bestselling novelist, columnist, and humorist Lesley Crewe’s finest columns are collected. Not merely razor sharp, Crewe’s wit is also ocean wide, taking in everything from the ...

Imagining Anne

The beautiful, personal, original scrapbooks from Anne of Green Gables author L. M. Montgomery are finally available. Reflecting Montgomery’s youth and optimism, these full-colour pages cover the period ...

Theatre and (Im)migration

Édité par Yana Meerzon
Catégories: Théâtre
Séries: New Essays on Canadian Theatre

Theatre and (Im)migration shines a light on the impact immigrant artists have made and continue to make on the development of Canadian theatre, from themes, characters, and world issues to financial structures ...

Tiny Lights for Travellers

Par (auteur) Naomi K. Lewis
Catégories: Mémoires
Séries: Wayfarer

When her marriage suddenly ends, and a diary documenting her beloved Opa’s escape from Nazi-occupied Netherlands in the summer of 1942 is discovered, Naomi Lewis decides to retrace his journey to freedom. ...

The Nature of Canada

Édité par Colin M. Coates & Graeme Wynn
Catégories: Anthologies

These beautifully crafted essays will delight and provoke in their exploration of how humans have engaged with the Canadian environment and what those interactions say about the nature of Canada. Tracing ...

Moving Images of Eternity

Par (auteur) William F. Pinar
Catégories: Anthologies
Séries: Education

William F. Pinar presents a comprehensive and original study that demonstrates the significance and pertinence of the scholarship of George Grant for teaching today. While there are studies of Grant’s ...

Shades Within Us

Journey with 21 speculative fiction authors through the fractured borders of human migration to examine assumptions and catch a glimpse of the dreams, struggles, and triumphs of those who choose—or ...


Waiting, that most human of experiences, saturates all of our lives. We spend part of each day waiting—for birth, death, appointments, acceptance, forgiveness, redemption. This collection of 32 personal ...