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Monsters, Martyrs, and Marionettes

Monsters, Martyrs, and Marionettes is a revelatory collection of personal essays that subverts the stereotypes and transcends the platitudes of family life to examine motherhood with blistering insight. ...

The Uncaged Voice

Freedom, truth, and justice are taken for granted in some countries. In others, they are aspirational. And yet in others, they are deemed justification for persecution, punishment, and silence.

Through ...

Blue Portugal and Other Essays

Par (auteur) Theresa Kishkan
Catégories: Essais littéraires
Séries: Wayfarer

Using the richness of braided essays, Theresa Kishkan thinks deeply about the natural world, mourns and celebrates the aging body, gently contests recorded history, and considers art and visual phenomena. ...

L'Illusion carboneutre

Par (auteur) Gaétan Lafrance
Catégories: Essais littéraires

Les modèles qui annoncent le climat futur sont sans équivoque : ça va chauffer. Et il ne suffira pas d’être carboneutre pour ajuster le thermostat planétaire. La surpopulation, la crise agricole ...


In this collection of deeply personal essays, twenty-six writers explore their connection with language, accents, and vocabularies, and contend with the ways these can be used as both bridge and weapon. ...


Édité par Juliana Pivato
Catégories: Anthologies
Séries: Essential Writers Series

How do you write about an artist who refused to be contained? Roy Kenzie Kiyooka was a Canadian artist and writer who gifted an extensive body of work that unfolded in nearly every dimension of media. ...

Marginaux et fiers de l'être

Par (auteur) Raymond Viger
Catégories: Autobiographies

Marginaux et fiers de l’être, c’est la chronique des événements qui ont jalonné le parcours d’un travailleur de rue/pilote d’avion/journaliste devenu éditeur, et de l’organisme communautaire ...

Before I Was a Critic I Was a Human Being

Par (auteur) Amy Fung
Catégories: Études littéraires
Séries: Essais Series

Before I Was a Critic I Was a Human Being takes a closer look at Canada’s mythologies of multiculturalism, settler colonialism, and identity through the lens of a national art critic. Following the ...


Waiting, that most human of experiences, saturates all of our lives. We spend part of each day waiting—for birth, death, appointments, acceptance, forgiveness, redemption. This collection of 32 personal ...

Wisdom in Nonsense

With generosity and wry humour, novelist Heather O’Neill recalls several key lessons she learned in childhood from her father: memories and stories about how crime does pay, why one should never keep ...