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The Constitution in a Hall of Mirrors

Par (auteur) David E. Smith
Catégories: Constitution

In The Constitution in a Hall of Mirrors, David E. Smith presents an accessible analysis of the interconnectedness of Canada’s parliamentary institutions. Smith argues that Parliament is a unity comprised ...

Charte canadienne et droits linguistiques

En analysant minutieusement lois, règlements, décisions de la Cour suprême et autres déclarations de politiciens, Frédéric Bérard déconstruit patiemment le mythe créé et entretenu par la doctrine ...

Red, White, and Kind of Blue?

Par (auteur) David Schneiderman
Catégories: Constitution

Situated between two constitutional traditions, those of the United Kingdom and the United States, Canada has maintained a distinctive third way: federal, parliamentary, and flexible. Yet, in recent years ...

The Making of the Mosaic

Immigration policy is a subject of intense political and public debate. In this second edition of the widely recognized and authoritative work The Making of the Mosaic, Ninette Kelley and Michael Trebilcock ...

Free Speech in Fearful Times

How post-9/11 anti-terror laws have limited free speech in Canada and abroad

Following the events of 9/11, rashly conceived anti-terror laws were introduced that put civil liberties at risk, and eliminated ...

The Chrétien Legacy

Par (auteur) Lois Harder & Steve Patten
Catégories: Constitution

Lois Harder is associate professor, political science, University of Alberta.
Steve Patten is associate professor, political science, University of Alberta.

Sanctuary, Sovereignty, Sacrifice

Drawing on theories of governmentality, Lippert traces the emergence of sanctuary practice to a shift in responsibility for refugees and immigrants from the state to churches and communities. Here sanctuary ...

Commissions of Inquiry

Commissions of inquiry have had a significant role in the development of public policy in Canada. Historically, Canadian governments have relied on these bodies to consider broad matters of national importance, ...

Justice in Paradise

A jurisprudential adventure story, Justice in Paradise recounts how a commitment to Native rights and an extraordinary passion for the rule of law have determined the course of Clark’s life. From a ...