Constitutional and administrative law: general

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Laws of the Constitution

By (author) Donald F. Bur
Categories: Constitution

Laws of the Constitution: Consolidated gathers all of the historical and contemporary constitutional documents pertaining to Canada, its provinces, and its territories, organized thematically and topically ...

Le secret ministériel

Cet ouvrage vise à défendre le secret ministériel comme doctrine essentielle au bon fonctionnement du système de gouvernement responsable mais critique le caractère excessif des dispositions législatives ...

Canada’s Official Languages

Canada’s official languages legislation fundamentally altered the composition and operational considerations of federal institutions. With legislative change, Canada’s public service has achieved ...

Assisted Reproduction Policy in Canada

By (author) Dave Snow
Categories: Constitution


The world has undergone a revolution in assisted reproduction, as processes such as in vitro fertilization, embryonic screening, and surrogacy have become commonplace. Yet when governments attempt to ...

Charte canadienne et droits linguistiques

En analysant minutieusement lois, règlements, décisions de la Cour suprême et autres déclarations de politiciens, Frédéric Bérard déconstruit patiemment le mythe créé et entretenu par la doctrine ...

Canada's Constitutional Revolution

By (author) Barry L. Strayer
Categories: History of the Americas

From 1960 to 1982 Barry L. Strayer was instrumental in the design of The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the patriation of Canada’s Constitution. Here Dr. Strayer shares his experiences ...

The Making of the Mosaic

By (author) Ninette Kelley & M. Trebilcock
Categories: Immigration law

Immigration policy is a subject of intense political and public debate. In this second edition of the widely recognized and authoritative work The Making of the Mosaic, Ninette Kelley and Michael Trebilcock ...

Free Speech in Fearful Times

How post-9/11 anti-terror laws have limited free speech in Canada and abroad

Following the events of 9/11, rashly conceived anti-terror laws were introduced that put civil liberties at risk, and eliminated ...

The Chrétien Legacy

By (author) Lois Harder & Steve Patten
Categories: Constitution

Lois Harder is associate professor, political science, University of Alberta.
Steve Patten is associate professor, political science, University of Alberta.