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Pink Blood

Despite Canada’s reputation as a beacon for equality in the international struggle for gay rights, homophobia and homophobic violence remain major problems in the country. Since 1990, hundreds of gay, ...

Travelling Knowledges

Par (auteur) Renate Eigenbrod
Catégories: Études littéraires

In the context of de/colonization, the boundary between an Aboriginal text and the analysis by a non-Aboriginal outsider poses particular challenges often constructed as unbridgeable. Eigenbrod argues ...

Indian Country

Since first contact, Natives and newcomers have been involved in an increasingly complex struggle over power and identity. Modern “Indian wars” are fought over land and treaty rights, artistic appropriation, ...

Feminist Frameworks

Par (auteur) Lisa Price
Catégories: Féminisme
Séries: The Basics


On a May morning in 1939, eighteen-year-old Velma Demerson and her lover were having breakfast when two police officers arrived to take her away. Her crime was loving a Chinese man, a “crime” that ...

Every Grain of Sand

Édité par J.A. Wainwright
Catégories: Essais littéraires

Universal in scope, yet focusing on recognizable Canadian places, this collection of essays connects individuals’ love of nature to larger social issues, to cultural activities, and to sustainable technology. ...

100 Canadian Heroines

In 100 Canadian Heroines you’ll meet remarkable women in science, sport, preaching and teaching, politics, war and peace, arts and entertainment, etc. The book is full of amazing facts and fascinating ...

Social Policy and the Ethic of Care

Par (auteur) Olena Hankivsky
Catégories: Féminisme

Social Policy and the Ethic of Care bridges the gap between theoretical and public policy analysis in revealing why Canadian social policy is lacking and how it could be made more effective and robust ...