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The Poetics of Anti-Racism

Exposing the linguistic racism that permeates vocabulary about race and equity, this book addresses the importance of unseating the sometimes unrecognized racism of everyday Language. The Contributors ...


Le déclin de l’empire… floribécois ? Dans ce premier livre sur les immigrants québécois en Floride, le géographe Rémy Tremblay révèle comment cette population s’est approprié la ville convoitée ...

The Diary of Abraham Ulrikab

In August 1880, businessman Adrian Jakobsen convinced eight Inuit men, women, and children from Hebron and Nakvak, Labrador to accompany him to Europe to be "exhibited" in zoos and Völkerschauen (ethnographic ...

Pink Blood

Despite Canada’s reputation as a beacon for equality in the international struggle for gay rights, homophobia and homophobic violence remain major problems in the country. Since 1990, hundreds of gay, ...

Travelling Knowledges

Par (auteur) Renate Eigenbrod
Catégories: Études littéraires

In the context of de/colonization, the boundary between an Aboriginal text and the analysis by a non-Aboriginal outsider poses particular challenges often constructed as unbridgeable. Eigenbrod argues ...

The Red Man's on the Warpath

Par (auteur) R. Scott Sheffield
Catégories: Histoires des Amériques

During the Second World War, thousands of First Nations people joined in the national crusade to defend freedom and democracy. High rates of Native enlistment and public demonstrations of patriotism encouraged ...

Feminist Frameworks

Par (auteur) Lisa Price
Catégories: Féminisme
Séries: The Basics