Collectivités urbaines

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Citizen's Guide to City Politics

Montreal has a long history of militant municipalism: the emergence and repression of the FRAP, the rise and fall of the Montreal Citizens Movement and its left opposition, the rise and eclipse of Ecology ...


Par (auteur) David Miller
Avant-propos de Bill McKibben
Catégories: Collectivités urbaines

If our planet is going to survive the climate crisis, we need to act rapidly. Taking cues from progressive cities around the world, including Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Oslo, Shenzhen, and Sydney, ...

La laisse du tigre

If a Bengal tiger anxiously splashes around in a small plastic pool in the summer and feeds on supermarket meat, is it still a tiger? By examining the troubled existence of so-called wild animals now ...

Rooster Town

Melonville. Smokey Hollow. Bannock Town. Fort Tuyau. Little Chicago. Mud Flats. Pumpville. Tintown. La Couleeese were some of the names given to Métis communities at the edges of urban areas in Manitoba. ...

When Technocultures Collide

Par (auteur) Gary Genosko
Catégories: Interaction homme-machine
Séries: Cultural Studies

When Technocultures Collide provides rich and diverse studies of collision courses between technologically inspired subcultures and the corporate and governmental entities they seek to undermine. The ...

Rites of Way

There are many ways to approach the subject of public space: the threats posed to it by surveillance and visual pollution; the joys it offers of stimulation and excitement, of anonymity and transformation; ...

Urban Meltdown

Par (auteur) Clive Doucet
Catégories: Collectivités urbaines

In 1950, only thirty percent of the world’s population lived in cities. By 2007, the planet’s population has now doubled and today, as many people live in cities as populated the entire planet in ...

Green City

Par (auteur) Mary Soderstrom
Catégories: Collectivités urbaines

Green City: People, Nature, and Urban Places looks at eleven cities the world over to see how people and nature have interacted over the course of history, and how people attempt to bring nature into ...