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Fire That Time

Édité par Nalini Mohabir & Ronald Cummings
Catégories: History

In 1969, in one of the most significant Black student protests in North American history, Caribbean students called out discriminatory pedagogical practices at Sir George Williams University (now Concordia ...

Okanagan Women’s Voices

Par (auteur) Jeannette Armstrong
Édité par Janet MacArthur & Lally Grauer
Catégories: History

An anthology of literary non-fiction featuring women’s historical narratives from the early settlement period of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. The writing and relations between Syilx women ...

Stand on Guard for Whom?

Par (auteur) Yves Engler
Catégories: History

We Stand on Guard for Whom? is the first book to present a history of the Canadian military from the perspective of its victims. Originating as a British force that brutally dispossessed First Nations, ...

Citizen's Guide to City Politics

Édité par Eric Shragge, Jason Prince & Mostafa Henaway
Catégories: Law

Montreal has a long history of militant municipalism: the emergence and repression of the FRAP, the rise and fall of the Montreal Citizens Movement and its left opposition, the rise and eclipse of Ecology ...

Sharing the Land, Sharing a Future

Sharing the Land, Sharing a Future looks to both the past and the future as it examines the foundational work of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP) and the legacy of its 1996 report. It ...

When Words Sing

Édité par Julie Salverson
Catégories: Drama

Meet the creators behind the words of Canadian opera in this exciting new collection of contemporary libretti. Featuring work by Robert Chafe, Anna Chatterton, George Elliott Clarke, Marie Clements, Ann-Marie ...

The Queer Evangelist

Par (auteur) Cheri DiNovo
Avant-propos de Kathleen Wynne
Catégories: Biography & Autobiography

In The Queer Evangelist, Rev. Dr. Cheri DiNovo (CM) tells her story, from her roots as a young socialist activist in the 1960s to ordained minister in the ’90s to member of provincial parliament. As ...

The Gatherings

Par (auteur) Shirley Hager & Mawopiyane
Catégories: Social Science

Thirty years ago, in Wabanaki territory—a region encompassing the state of Maine and the Canadian Maritimes—a group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous individuals came together to explore some of the ...

Treaty Words

Par (auteur) Aimée Craft
Illustré par Luke Swinson
Catégories: Children's Nonfiction

Accompanied by beautiful illustrations by Luke Swinson and an author’s note at the end, Aimée Craft affirms the importance of understanding an Indigenous perspective on treaties in this evocative book ...

Flying to Extremes

Par (auteur) Dominique Prinet
Catégories: Biography & Autobiography

Recalling some of most memorable escapades ever conducted in the Canadian Arctic with bush planes, Flying to Extremes takes place in the late ’60s and early ’70s from a base at Yellowknife, in the ...