Droits du Canada 2020–2021: Fiction

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Call Me Stan

Par (auteur) K.R. Wilson
Catégories: Fiction
Séries: Essential Prose Series

When King Priam’s daughter was fleeing the sack of Troy, Stan was there. When Jesus of Nazareth was beaten and crucified, Stan was there, one cross over. Stan has been a Hittite warrior, a Roman legionnaire, ...

On Her Own Terms

Par (auteur) Carolyn Gammon
Catégories: Poetry

Internationally acclaimed author Carolyn Gammon conjures a kind and unflinching portrait of her mother’s memory loss—ultimately revealing the love, joy and life which remain even as memory fades. ...


Par (auteur) Thomas Wharton
Catégories: Fiction
Séries: Landmark Edition

First published in 1995, Thomas Wharton’s Icefields is an astonishing historical novel set in a mesmerizing literary landscape, one that is constantly being altered by the surging and retreating glacier ...

Taste of Evil

Par (auteur) Tony Aspler & Gordon Pape
Catégories: Fiction

Taste of Evil is thoroughly researched and historically accurate fictionalized story of one of Hitler’s food tasters and her relationship with Albert Speer. It contains excerpts from important documents, ...

The Strange Scent of Saffron

Par (auteur) Miléna Babin
Traduit par Oana Avasilichioaei
Catégories: Fiction
Séries: Essential Translations Series

Set in Toronto 1970, just as the FLQ crisis emerges to shake an innocent country, eleven-year-old Johnny Wong uncovers an underbelly to his tight, downtown neighbourhood. He shares a room with his Chinese ...

Cine Star Salon, The

Par (auteur) Leah Ranada
Catégories: Fiction
Séries: Nunatak First Fiction Series

Philippine-born Vancouverite Sophia is most grateful for two things: her modest hair salon and Adrian, her mild-mannered fiancé. She is eager to get married and move away from her highly educated but ...

The World According to Dogs

Par (auteur) Adrian Raeside
Catégories: Humor

With over one hundred dog cartoons and lighthearted accompanying text, this Rosetta Stone of retrievers will give both those with a new puppy and the most experienced dog people some helpful tips for ...


Par (auteur) Kate Cayley
Catégories: Fiction

Linked short stories about families, nascent queers, and self-deluded utopians explore the moral ordinary strangeness in their characters’ overlapping lives. Householders moves effortlessly from the ...


Par (auteur) Carmen Rodríguez
Catégories: Fiction

Firmly rooted in historical events and covering themes related to class, gender, trauma and survival, Atacama is the story of Manuel Garay and Lucía Céspedes. Starting in 1925, the year the Chilean ...

Letters to Amelia

Par (auteur) Lindsay Zier-Vogel
Catégories: Fiction

Grace Porter is reeling from grief after her partner of seven years unexpectedly leaves. Amid her heartache, the 30-year-old library tech is tasked with reading newly discovered letters written by Amelia ...