The new kid, named Erv, came to Ben’s house the next day with her mom and her dog. The dog’s name was Max. They all sat in Ben’s backyard.

Ben liked Erv right away. Erv was short for Minerva, like Ben was short for Benjamin. She could whistle, snap her fingers, blow a double bubble, and do a perfect cartwheel.

Ben didn’t like Max. Max left dog-slobber on Ben’s hand, and he gave a big, loud bark when he spotted Ben’s cat. But at least Erv kept him on a leash.

La description

The newest book from this award-winning team takes a light-hearted but sincere approach to childhood anxiety. The new girl, Erv, has just moved in and Ben can’t wait to meet her, until he notices her very large family dog. With his sister’s encouragement, Ben succeeds in overcoming his fear, and makes a new kind of friend, much to his surprise and delight. Kirkus called this “…a winning series. ” To learn more about this publisher, click here: http://bit. ly/2Nqa2sf


  • Commended, Canadian Children's Book Centre Best Books for Kids & Teens selection 2018
  • Commended, Resource Links "The Year's Best" 2018
  • Commended, Winnipeg Free Press "Top of the pile" selection 2018
  • Commended, Cooperative Children's Book Center Choices selection 2019
  • Short-listed, SYRCA Shining Willow Award 2019
  • Commended, ThisIsLiteracy.ca "Books to Help Children Cope with Fears and Feelings" selection 2018
  • Commended, Daniel Boone Regional Library "Staff Picks: Top Children's Books" selection 2018


About Ben and the Scaredy-Dog

2019 Cooperative Children's Book Center Choices selection

2019 SYRCA Shining Willow finalist

2018 Resource Links "The Year's Best" selection

2018 Canadian Children's Book Centre Best Books for Kids & Teens selection

2018 Daniel Boone Regional Library "Staff Picks: Top Children's Books" selection

2018 Winnipeg Free Press "Top of the pile" selection

2018 ThisIsLiteracy. ca "Books to Help Children Cope with Fears and Feelings" selection

"This picture book dovetails nicely with the anxiety theme in Ben Overnight (2005) as well as events in Ben Says Goodbye (2016). ..The precisely worded text uses dialogue well while revealing Ben's thoughts through the concise narration. The artwork expresses Ben's emotions with finesse and captures the story's gentle humor. A fine read-aloud choice, this Canadian picture book will have broad appeal for young children. "—Booklist

"Emphasized in thick, crayonlike outlines, the soft, cartoon illustrations add comfort and charm to this encouraging, gentle narrative about a common childhood fear. VERDICT This compassionate story may ease some anxiety in young children who are nervous or fearful around dogs. A warmhearted addition to Ellis and LaFave's books about Ben. "—School Library Journal

"Ben's fear of dogs is sensitively portrayed in a text that skillfully interweaves exposition, questions, and dialogue, with Ben's internal musings set in italics. Amusing illustrations in watercolor and ink make effective use of heavy outlines and copious white space for a clean, contemporary look. Another successful outing in a winning series, with lots of room for more adventures for Ben and his new friends Erv and Max. "—Kirkus Reviews

"[La Fave's] images in Ben and the Scaredy-Dog are beautiful. The feelings of fear and uneasiness are clearly depicted on Ben's face. The illustrations, by also showing body language, add another element to the story. ...A fear of dogs is common, but learning to cope with this fear is very important. Ben's bravery is to be commended, and he provides a great example of overcoming a fear. ...Ben and the Scaredy-Dog will contribute greatly to story times in the library, classroom or at home. Highly Recommended. "—CM Magazine

"Ben and the Scaredy-Dog offers a surprising perspective on overcoming one's fears. ...Readers of all ages will enjoy this relatable and fresh story constructed in short, effective prose. ...La Fave's colourful yet airy illustrations depict diverse characters and allow for the readers' own experiences and imagination to fill in the setting. A fun read!"—Resource Links

"A wonderfully entertaining picture book with an important underlying message for children ages 3 to 6, Ben and the Scaredy-Dog is an especially recommended addition to family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library picture book collections. "—Midwest Book Review

"Kids books are fun and educational, but they also let kids safely explore experiences that might make them anxious. The books reviewed here today do just that. ...Our last selection explores the fear of dogs. ...The illustrations enhance the story, especially the scary dogs that Ben draws when he thinks about being afraid. "—Kenosha News, "Off the Shelf"

"[A] cute story that reminds us that no matter your size, we all have things we might be afraid of, but we should give things a chance. "—Safiya, Age 9, Kids’ Book Buzz

"Sarah Ellis demonstrates that children have enormous potential to learn coping strategies for all manner of fears and anxieties. Ben's fear of dogs is valid, especially for very little children and very big dogs, but by comparing how Ben's siblings see dogs. ..with how the little boy sees them. ..Sarah Ellis legitimizes all perspectives. ...I love Kim La Fave's illustrations of Ben and company. His emphasis on perspective–looking up from a child's point of view and at their eye-level–encourages empathy for Ben's distress and concerns. "—CanLit for LittleCanadians

"I loved the drawings. ..They really made the story come to life. And the story is a nice one, especially if you have a youngster who has some fears of dogs. "—Canadian Bookworm

"I love the illustrations in Ben and The Scaredy-Dog. The story was also great and I loved the ending. "—Book Time