Constitution des états

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Royal Progress

Édité par D. Michael Jackson
Avant-propos de Margaret McCain
Catégories: Constitution des états

Eleven authorities on the constitutional monarchy in Canada discuss how this historic institution, inherited from the United Kingdom and shared with 14 other countries, will change after the long reign ...

La Constitution canadienne

Par (auteur) Yan Campagnolo & Adam Dodek
Catégories: Constitution des états

La Constitution canadienne rend la loi suprême du pays plus facilement accessible aux lecteurs. Le livre comprend des commentaires visant à expliquer le sens des dispositions des lois constitutionnelles ...

The Canadian Constitution

Par (auteur) Adam Dodek
Catégories: Constitution des états

The Canadian Constitution makes Canada's Constitution readily accessible to readers for the first time. It includes the complete text of the Constitution Acts of 1867 and 1982 as well as a glossary of ...

Governing with the Charter

Par (auteur) James B. Kelly
Catégories: Constitution des états
Séries: Law and Society

In Governing with the Charter, James Kelly clearly demonstrates that our current democratic deficit is not the result of the Supreme Court’s judicial activism. On the contrary, an activist framers’ ...

New Trends in Canadian Federalism, Second Edition

This second edition renews the promise of the first: it offers a fresh and comprehensive exploration of the complexity of Canadian federal politics. It begins with a comprehensive section on constitutional ...