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By (author) David Miller
Foreword by Bill McKibben
Afterword by Anne Hidalgo
Categories: Urban communities

If our planet is going to survive the climate crisis, we need to act rapidly.

Taking cues from progressive cities around the world, including Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Oslo, Shenzhen, and Sydney, ...

Indigenous Women and Street Gangs

Amber, Bev, Chantel, Jazmyne, Faith, and Jorgina are six Indigenous women previously involved in street gangs or street lifestyles. In Indigenous Women and Street Gangs they collaborate with Robert Henry ...

A Citizen's Guide to City Politics

Montreal has a long history of militant municipalism: the emergence and repression of the FRAP, the rise and fall of the Montreal Citizens Movement and its left opposition, the rise and eclipse of Ecology ...

Feminist City

By (author) Leslie Kern
Categories: Human geography

Feminist City combines memoir, feminist theory, pop culture, and geography to expose what is hidden in plain sight: the social inequalities built right into our cities, homes, and neighbourhoods. Focusing ...

The Hotel

By (author) Robert A. Davidson
Categories: Urban communities

The Hotel: Occupied Space explores the hotel as both symbol and space through the concept of “occupancy. ” By examining the various ways in which the hotel is manifested in art, photography, and film, ...

Inner City Renovation

”This book gives an insight into personal leadership, enterprising solutions and value creation, making it as relevant to practitioners engaged in social enterprise, urban regeneration and community ...

Green City

By (author) Mary Soderstrom
Categories: Urban communities

Green City: People, Nature, and Urban Places looks at eleven cities the world over to see how people and nature have interacted over the course of history, and how people attempt to bring nature into ...