Pass Me By: Gone Fishin'

Gone Fishin'

Par (auteur) Kyle Simmers & Ryan Owen
Catégories: Comics & Graphic Novels
Séries: Pass Me By
Éditeur: Renegade Arts Entertainment
Paperback : 9781988903590, 128 pages, Novembre 2019

La description

A touching and tender graphic novel following Ed, a reserved man dealing with dementia in a small, northern-Canadian town. As Ed’s memory declines, he loses touch with the present and revisits a past he chose to forget. As he loses more of his present, he finds himself lost more in the 1970s, when he toured rural Canada in a glam rock band. A queer, romantic tragedy.


"An inverted coming of age story about understanding queer identity and what happens to the stories you never tell." – Stephanie Chan, Smash Pages
"The publisher calls it "a queer, rural, Canadian, romantic tragedy." I call it delightful. It's gorgeous, clever and perfectly paced, with fully formed characters from the first panel." – Mike Donachie, Toronto Star
"This could likely be one of the strongest literary works regarding queer romance ever published." – Keven Skinner, Fox Force Five
"The pages are heavy with emotion that's simmering just underneath the surface. I'm really excited to see where this goes." – The Turnaround Blog, Pride Month: Graphic Novel Reading
"Truly great. A story worth telling and an honour to read. Pure, modern, Canadiana supplemented with absolutely stunning visuals. Looking forward to the series as it grows. Not a surprise CBC listed it as one of Canada's top 20 comics of 2019!" – Drake McCheyne, Amazon Reviews
". . .a compelling story with a fantastic colour scheme to match." – Ann Logan, CBC/I've Read This