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Par (auteur) Mors Kochanski
Catégories: Activités de plein air

Clear instructions, extensive use of diagrams, and a full color photo supplement detail all the practical skills and knowledge essential for surviving and enjoying the wilderness. Includes basic instructions ...

60 biscuits chinois

Inspired by the famous cookie and its legendary predictions, this little book invites readers to meditate on sixty inspirational thoughts filled with humour and wisdom. Each proverb comes with its own ...

Beginners Guide to Minerals & Rocks

Par (auteur) Joel Grice
Catégories: Histoire naturelle

Beginner’s Guide to Minerals and Rocks is the most comprehensive, full-colour guide to rocks and minerals for beginner rock hounds all over the world.

As curator of minerals at the Canadian Museum of ...

Amazing Animals

Animals have extraordinary minds capable of exceptional acts of perception, generosity, bravery, and kindness. Their connection with humankind gives us a glimpse into their world and their desire to share ...

Little Emperors

Par (auteur) JoAnn Dionne
Catégories: Tourisme et voyage

Much has been made about how the New China has become an economic juggernaut in today’s world while civil liberties and basic freedoms remain constricted. We know where the aging leadership has taken ...

Doing Anti-Oppressive Practice

Édité par Donna Baines
Postface de Array
Catégories: Sciences sociales et culturelles

Rather than a book of theory, this collection of essays focuses on practical strategies for integrating antioppressive theory into politicized, transformative social work. Practice vignettes, personal ...

The Encyclopedia of Home Winemaking

The home wine market has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade. The clear and well-ordered explanations in The Encyclopedia of Home Winemaking make it easy reading for the home winemaker and an ...

The Language of Canadian Politics

Par (auteur) John McMenemy
Catégories: Politique et gouvernement

The third edition of this indispensable guide to Canadian government and politics builds on the strengths of earlier editions and reflects profound changes over the last few years. Comprising over 500 ...

K9 Personal Protection

Par (auteur) Resi Gerritsen & Ruud Haak
Catégories: Dressage de chiens

A valuable resource for trainers of all experience levels, this guide provides a comprehensive approach to training protection dogs. Beginners will discover basic principles and methods every trainer ...

Take One's Essential Guide to Canadian Film

Édité par Wyndham Wise
Catégories: Cinéma et films
Séries: Heritage

Take One’s Essential Guide to Canadian Film is the most exhaustive and up-to-date reference book on Canadian film and filmmakers, combining 700 reviews and biographical listings with a detailed chronology ...