Canadian Studies Collection 2024

Livres Canada Books is proud to offer this latest collection of titles from Canada’s leading university and trade presses. Canada is a nation of ideas, and the 2024 Canadian Studies Collection highlights some of the country’s most exciting insights and discoveries in the humanities and social sciences. Many of the over 100 titles promoted here provide sharp analyses and discussions of some of Canada’s (and the world’s) most pressing issues. Others celebrate the nation’s diverse history, arts, and literature. Viewed as a whole, the titles in this year’s Collection illustrate the depth and range of new Canadian Studies scholarship with insights on the country’s greatest challenges and achievements.

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The Fire That Time

Edited by Ronald Cummings & Nalini Mohabir
Categories: History

In 1969, in one of the most significant Black student protests in North American history, Caribbean students called out discriminatory pedagogical practices at Sir George Williams University (now Concordia ...

Le féodalisme dans la vallée du Saint-Laurent

By (author) Matteo Sanfilippo
Edited by Arnaud Montreuil
Translated by Olivier Guimond
Series edited by Michel Bock

Series: Amérique française

L’histoire de la seigneurie laurentienne est-elle la fille du conflit politique?? C’est, entre autres, à cette question que répond Le féodalisme dans la vallée du Saint-Laurent : un problème ...

Les Juifs de la Révolution tranquille

La communauté juive québécoise occupe une position politique et culturelle unique en Amérique du Nord et au Canada. Pour cette raison, une identité juive montréalaise distincte de l’identité ...

History of the Jews in Quebec

By (author) Pierre Anctil
Translated by Judith Weisz Woodsworth
Categories: History
Series: Canadian Studies

The presence of Jews in Quebec dates back four centuries. Quebec Jewry, in Montreal in particular, has evolved over time, thanks to successive waves of migration from different regions of the world. The ...

This is Serious

THIS IS SERIOUS reveals the considerable contributions artists from across the country are making to the greater field of global comics - of which Toronto, Montreal, and Hamilton are significant creative ...


Edited by Andy Brown
Translated by Helge Dascher
Categories: Literary Criticism

The comics community in Quebec has long been heralded as unique, blending the clear-lined aesthetic of Europe with the underground influences of North America - think Tintin meets R. Crumb. However, most ...