About Rights Canada

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What is Rights Canada?

Rights Canada is the only collective Canadian publication that promotes available foreign rights. It is produced annually and launched prior to the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Who can participate?

Access to Livres Canada Books’ services is limited to anyone who meets the specific criteria defining a “professional publisher” as set out by the Canada Book Fund. For more information, please visit our Eligibility page.

What is Rights Canada’s role in the Canadian publishing industry?

The Rights Canada catalogue is a tool that helps Canadian publishers sell rights abroad—for publication, translation and licensing. In order to list titles in Rights Canada a publisher must be Canadian owned and controlled. Anglophone and Francophone publishers list their titles side-by-side, making the catalogue a unique snapshot of the diversity of our national publishing industry. Descriptions of your titles can be listed in English, French, or both.

How will listing in Rights Canada benefit my publishing house?

Rights Canada can ensure international exposure for your titles with the goal of selling their international rights. While many Canadian publishers attend the major international book fairs and consider Rights Canada part of an integrated sales strategy, the catalogue is a particularly useful tool for publishers who are unable to attend the major fairs but are interested in promoting available rights to foreign buyers.

How do I choose what titles I should list in Rights Canada? What categories of books are listed in Rights Canada?

The catalogue represents a full range of genres, from literary fiction, drama and poetry to children’s books, young adult literature, educational and nonfiction titles. It is important to consider the appeal of the titles you list to a broad international audience. Very regionally specific titles, for example, may not be the best fit for the rights catalogue. If you have questions about the viability of your titles, contact us for a free consultation.

Who will see my titles once they’re listed?

Rights Canada promotes your titles to a worldwide network of rights managers, international publishers and literary agents. Its digital distribution reaches buyers ahead of the major book fairs, as well as a steady flow of visitors interested in discovering your titles on our website and social media platforms. A PDF version of the complete catalogue is made available on our website. Buyers are just one click away from contacting you through live links to your website and email address. In addition to an expansive email distribution campaign, titles listed in Rights Canada are promoted in the Livres Canada Books title database and on the Livres Canada Books homepage via promotional sliders.

Print editions of the Rights Canada catalogue are distributed to attendees at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the London Book Fair, and the Frankfurt Book Fair.

We are invested in helping Rights Canada reach as wide an audience as possible and are always thinking of new ways to get your titles seen.

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