About the Canadian Studies Collection

About the Canadian Studies Collection

Thank you for your interest in the Livres Canada Books Canadian Studies Collection.

The Canadian Studies Collection promotes Canadian books on or about Canada with a focus on titles of interest to the international community of Canadianists, librarians, and academics.

Access to Livres Canada Books’ services is limited to anyone who meets the specific criteria defining a “professional publisher” as set out by the Canada Book Fund. For more information, please visit our Eligibility page.


The Canadian Studies Collection is distributed in print and in digital formats at Canadian Studies association meetings, events, and conferences around the world.

As a result of the pandemic, many fairs and conferences where print copies of the Collection are usually distributed have been cancelled. Nevertheless, physical (along with digital copies) of the catalogue have been distributed to Canadian embassies and consulates through the Cultural Diplomacy offices of Global Affairs Canada.

In an effort to promote the Collection, we have exhibited the Collection at virtual booths at major conferences and book fairs such as the Frankfurt Book Fair, the American Library Association’s Midwinter Virtual Meetings and Exhibits, the Northeastern Modern Language Association’s Virtual Annual Convention, the London Book Fair, and the US Book Show.

In partnership with the International Council for Canadian Studies (ICCS), a not-for-profit organization composed of 23 member associations and five associate members in 39 countries, the Canadian Studies Collection is distributed digitally to over 3900 international contacts. A complete list of the ICCS membership is available on their website.

We continue to locate potential online marketing and distribution opportunities, reaching out to fairs and conferences to inquire about the possibility of promoting the Collection on their websites or in their newsletters.